Political Science: The Categorization of Race and Its Impact

Subject: Sociology
Type: Analytical Essay
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Topics: Race, International Relations, Political Science

Mismeasure of Man

The real considerations for the expanded version of mis-measures of man are not considered in the battle waged against those who measure intelligence and the ends to which the results have been applied. The interests of the text seem to be vested in watching the information of the author in action. Professor Gould goes beyond itemizing the damage that the information evaluation instruments have caused on the population. The author is confronting an essential tool of the measures. The statistical means which is known as the factor analysis is developed by the psychologist known as Spearman and illustrates the manner that factor analysis within the essay led to the error of reasoning of confusing the correlation with cause or attribution as pertains false correctness for the abstract (Gould, 1996).

In the text, he mentions the tendency for individuals to convert the abstract concepts to entities. People allegedly look at the significance of mentality within their existence and want to give it character so that they and make distinctions and divisions among those that the political and cultural state would dictate. Basically, the systems of measurement in an attempt to distinguish are as flawed as the political and cultural settings because of the skewed nature of perspective. 

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Education and the Model Minority Myth

In this article, since the end of the Second World War, a number of white people have used Asian Americans and their alleged collective success as a racial wedge of sorts thus reducing the role that racism plays in the particular issues that other ethnic minorities like the black Americans go through on an everyday basis (Iwasaki et al. 1976)

Though, even the most successful Asian Americans come face to face with barriers on upward mobility in corporate America. According to a 2011 leadership education study, Asians are less likely to work their way to the position of executive management and board positions as concerns private corporations. Though on average, Asian Americans may fare well on measures that affect education, it seems that diversity by immigration and  geographic allocation exists. The stereotype that is enacted by the model minority stereotype glosses over the differences to hide issues the Asian Americans go through.

Racial Formation in the United States

In the early 80s, Susie Guillory Phipps tried to sue the Louisiana Bureau of Vital Records so that she could change her classification from black to white (Omi & Winant, 1994). The case is an illustration of the drama as of the present which defines race and the establishment of its meaning when it comes to institutional settings. At present, in order to assert that differences in human physiognomy are based according to race is to enter a debate. Proven interpretations on race have not been alone when it comes to sparking controversy. Religious perspectives have done well too, from a central perspective though race has been a political consideration. This has been true in America as the concept of race has differentiated over the course of time without leaving the history of the state. 

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