Argumentative Essay on Sex

Subject: Gender Studies
Type: Argumentative Essay
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Word count: 745
Topics: Human Sexuality, Sex Education


While sex is a normal activity that gives pleasure and fun to the participating partners, it also creates an emotional bond between the partners with larger intimacy and an urge to connect. Sex, being an important requirement in maintaining close relationship within the marriage, even casual sex and one-night stand can result in creation of long-term committed relationship. Accordingly, this paper is written in support of the agreement that sex, given its nature, is important for building long-term relationship.

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Supporting arguments

Importance of sex in a relationship

Sex has a special importance in creation and maintenance of long-term relationship. While reproduction is one aspect of sexual activity, sex has many positive benefits including social, physical, emotional and intellectual advantages as understanding the meaning of such benefits can help couples in recognizing the importance of sex in their relationship. Accordingly, two individuals involved in a committed relationship can visualize sexual activity as an instrument to create deeper emotional bond and long-term intimacy. Sex therapist Sandor Gardos asserts, “When things go well in bed, you feel more confident and powerful in other parts of your life”. (Morales, 2017)

Scientifically speaking, sexual activity brings intimacy that results in release of Oxytocin, thus developing a keen desire to bond together in a committed manner. (Morales, 2017) According to John Sovec, California-based psychotherapist, “For new relationships, sex is a means to share intimacy and be playful while also building deeper levels of trust and care.” (Fellizar, 2015). Even casual sex can have positive impact on such relationship.

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Casual sex relations can result in serious commitments

Sex, given its nature, can help in building serious relationships. Helen Fisher, the reputed biological anthropologist who is the Chief Scientific Adviser at “Match” asserts that “casual sexual relations serve an important purpose, can have wonderful outcomes (when safe and consensual), and can often develop into serious partnerships”. Referring to casual sex between two partners, a study conducted by Match, as reported in Washington Post, reveals that many individuals have formed long-term relationship after just one-night stand. Commenting on these results, Fisher says that early sex is an indication in the direction of understanding about the physical intimacy and compatibility between the potential partners. (Sanoff, 2016)

In addition, Fisher has detailed in her book, “Anatomy of Love” about the formation of committed relationships resulting from casual sex that provides opportunity to know many things about the potential mate. (Sanoff, 2016). In addition, men in committed relationships heavily depend on sex to maintain them.

Men need sex for strong bonding

While women are passionate about love, they need romance to keep the chemistry alive. However, men need regular sex with the female partner and it is a sign for them to strengthen the commitment and intimacy between the two partners. Additionally, men are found to form connection and closeness with female partners through sex only. From the male viewpoint, sex is instrumental in staying close and united. According to sexologist and psychotherapist Joe Kort, a man wants sex not for dominating the wife but ravishing her while ensuring that she is also interested in the act. (How, 2018)

Counter arguments

Sex sometimes is needed just to avoid negative consequences

In a counter-argument against thesis of this paper, Amy Muise, a social psychologist opines in her article in “psychology Today” that while approach goals involving any sexual activity aim at enhancing intimacy between the partners, avoidance goals is such activity aim at just pleasing the partner as well as avoiding any conflict with the partner. Hence, Muise asserts that several reasons can be attributed to having sex, which may not solely aim at building committed relationship. (Muise, 2013)

Relationships can continue without having sex between partners

Another counter-argument pertains to maintenance of long-term commitments without indulging in sex by two partners. According to noted Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Martha Tara Lee, relations can just go along without engagement in sex by two committed partners, over the period. She further opines that many problems in daily life can take sexual activity out of their priority list. However, people continue to stay in the committed relationship without sex. (Nowakowski, 2013)

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Given the fact that sex is a catalyst in formation of deeper bonds and intimacy between the two partners, its importance in building committed relationships cannot be overlooked. While certain arguments try to counter this claim, bringing back sex into the lives of deprived partners can result in revival of long-term relationship and emotional bond as well as intimacy.

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