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Quantitative and Analytical Techniques for Managers

SECTION 1Question 1a)Table 1. Descriptive Statistics: Measure of Dispersion and Central Tendency  Measures Statistics N12Mean2.125Median2.05Mode-5.40aStd. Deviation4.912Variance24.13Range15.8Minimum-5.4Maximum10.4 b) Based on the central tendency results, it is observed that the mean of industry’s…

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Subject: Gender Studies
Pages: 13
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Business Communication

Executive SummaryThis paper purposed at establishing the gender differences in business communication. To understand these disparities, the researcher interviewed Mr. David Topel who gave his insights…

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Subject: Gender Studies
Pages: 2
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Gender Pay Gap Synthesis Essays

When people speak about the gender gap in the world today, they often mean the systematic difference in the level of outcomes that women and men…

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Subject: Gender Pay Gap
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The Relevance and Significance of Diversity and Inclusion Strategies in…

INTRODUCTIONThe workplace in the present century has gone through notable tremendous changes including the embrace of diversity and inclusion as a part of business best practices….

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Subject: Gender Studies
Pages: 2
Words: 309
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Gender Pay Gap Exemplification Essays

An article in the Guardian talks about wage disparity between male and female workers. Here Sarah Montague has entered into talks with the BBC because she…

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Subject: Gender Studies
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Gender pay gap in the UK

IntroductionGender parity has always been an issue of importance in the society. The equality between men and women has been an elusive accomplishment in the past….

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Subject: Gender Studies
Pages: 5
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Microsoft sued for gender discrimination

Microsoft is a vibrant technology giant established firm based in Redmond, Washington. The company was accused of gender discernment by a female formally working for the…

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Tips for Writing a Great Gender Pay Gap Essay

Human rights and gender equality are essential subjects in the United States of America, especially in the labor market. The times of male/female gender roles and gender differences in employment are long gone. Thus, the discussion of the wage gap is always subject to hot debates; both men and women who work part-time and full-time need to be assured of gender equality in remuneration.

When writing an essay about gender pay gap, you can cite data from Pew Research center to show whether there is a pay day problem in the USA and whether a pay gap exists. Besides, you can refer to the Equal Pay Act as the guiding legislation for fair remuneration of people’s work, regardless of whether they work all year round or enjoy flexible working conditions.

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