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An article in the Guardian talks about wage disparity between male and female workers. Here Sarah Montague has entered into talks with the BBC because she intends to quit the Radio 4’s Program. She has been presenting the program for 17 years. However, she is paid poorly as compared to other male workers because she earns less than £150,000 while her male colleagues receive £299,999 to £649,000 as salaries; this is a significant disparity, and she has every right to complain about wage parity (Ruddick). Gender wage disparity is prevalent in contemporary organizations.

Employees have the right to be treated equally regardless of their gender, race or sex. However, this is not always the case as illustrated by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. In most organizations in the United States, women are paid less than men in spite of them performing the same tasks (Blau). In the Hollywood industry, money is an important factor as it brings power. In other words, money is equal to power. With women earning less than men, they will always have limited control. At the workplace, the employees need protection against all forms of discrimination. 

Explained above is just an example workplace discrimination affects women. Women should be able to stand against these forms of discrimination as it limits their financial position. Other than in the media broadcasting industry, there are other sectors with such cases, and the affected members are afraid to come out lest they lose their jobs. Any firm practicing this form of discrimination is being unethical. As a result, BBC is also immoral as such practices are against the workplace ethics.

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