Artificial intelligence and modern life


With the recent technological advancements, Artificial intelligence (AI) – the creation of machines that are intelligent enough to work like humans – is a reality. Today, there are computer chess champions and a multitude of driverless cars roaming the streets. Although some people feel that technology is evolving at a faster pace than human beings can absorb, AI is making life more interesting, convenient, and safer.

Firstly, AI makes life more convenient by increasing man’s innovative potential. According to Garry Kasparov, a former chess champion and currently the Human Rights Foundation chairman, AI has led to creation of intelligent machines that “liberate us from tedious labor, letting us be more imaginative and more ambitious” (Kasparov, 2016). If humans keep inventing new machines, more and more work will be done by robots, saving them the task to handle mind-numbing tasks.

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Furthermore, AI makes the world safer by minimizing the hatred that has existed among human beings for generations.  Susan Bennett, a voice actress, explains that with machines, information is easily available and the existence of such machines will end discrimination by bringing into existence “creatures that won’t hate each other because of race, creed or religion” (Bennett, 2016). For over 6, 000 years, humans have not been able to love each other without considering their social, political, or economic affiliation. It is, therefore, a high time to allow machines to help us do this.

Since AI has the potential to learn one’s consumption style, machines have made life more convenient by making it easy to shop. Today, machines are spying on consumers’ behaviors and present to them information and data that helps them to quickly purchase what they need. This is supported by Shauna Mei, the founder of the popular online marketplace known as AHALife, who indicates that “can learn your “style,” your propensity toward “conscious consumption” and your spending habits, then choose specific items from a catalog more efficiently than you ever could” (Mei, 2016). As such, a consumer can use their mobile phone to make a purchase since the device already predicts what may be needed (Mei, 2016). This makes shopping, an important aspect in life, easy and convenient.

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