Marketing to an Aging Population

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Response 1

Marketing to the aging population can be challenging. When marketing, there is a need to identify the best strategy that can reach the old community.  One of the methods that can be effective is the use of business cards and brochures. As a marketer, one should always carry the cards and the brochures to issue to the targeted population whenever an opportunity arises.  Besides, social media can be a useful promotional tool because recent research states that more than 50% of the aging population is online (Puszko, 2015).  Also, the internet can provide information on the area agencies on aging individuals. Some of these organizations support wellness fairs, and they can offer better marketing opportunities. Finally, attending special events such as conferences, one can target a large number of aging clients.

The above are the best promotional materials because most of the elderly are very formal and they need to be addressed in an official manner. Besides, using of area agencies is the best because they have vast information related to the aging individuals.

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Response 2

Marketing to the aging population is difficult because most of them are found in their homes, and they are not vibrant like the youths. Apart from the social media where most of the young population are very active, the person targeting the aging population has to combine online and offline tools to reach them and convince them in detail why they should buy the item being advertised (Shaoolian, 2016).

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