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Subject: Media
Pages: 11
Words: 2584
Rating: 4.8

Facebook Profile Pictures Among Male and Female Students of Different…

AbstractThe aim of this paper was to investigate the difference in gender and number of subjects in a profile picture. The study also aimed at evaluating…

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Subject: Business
Pages: 13
Words: 3480
Rating: 4,9

The Entrepreneur I Most Resemble

1.0 Resemblance to 8 Factors of Entrepreneurial ProfileAccording to the proposal of Cubico, Bortolani, Favretto and Sartori (2010), the capability of an individual for being an…

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Subject: Media
Pages: 1
Words: 286
Rating: 4,5

Contributions of Social Media to Communication in a Business

The topic of interest describes importance of social media on enhancing communication in business. Foremost, approximately all businesses have migrated to the social media world and…

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Subject: Education
Pages: 4
Words: 1014
Rating: 4,5

Social Media and Education

IntroductionThe increased advancement in technology over the years has changed the way man is carrying out his activities. Among the most affected areas of man’s activities…

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Subject: Media
Pages: 8
Words: 2012
Rating: 4,7

Harmful effects of social media on adolescents

IntroductionSocial media can be termed as social oriented websites that enable users to share information or purchase goods while networking. Through digitization and globalization, the world…

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Subject: Media
Pages: 7
Words: 1856
Rating: 4,7

Using social media for detecting drugs side effects

AbstractHealth professional and physicians have been working tirelessly to determine the detect drug’s side effects using various ways. Some of the commonly used methods include the…

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