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The Entrepreneur I Most Resemble

1.0 Resemblance to 8 Factors of Entrepreneurial ProfileAccording to the proposal of Cubico, Bortolani, Favretto and Sartori (2010), the capability of an individual for being an…

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Conflict Management Styles

We all desire peace and tranquility at all times, no question about that. However, conflicts are inevitable and can arise at any time. How you use…

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Management and leadership are different constructs

There has always been a thin line between leadership and management. It is important to note that, more emphasis is placed on the later in some…

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IT-515 Discussion Three

Microsoft officially released the new operating system (OS), Windows 10 on 29th June 2015 and immediately sales were available online and via downloads (Fries, 2017). The…

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IT-515 milestone one

Microsoft faces a number of needs and challenges that require innovative technologies to overcome. For instance, the recent acquisition of Nokia for over $ 7 billion…

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Leader in information technology innovation

Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft is considered in this work as an effective way of innovative leadership.  Working alongside Paul Allen, the two became the…

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As a student, you may face the need to write a Bill Gates research paper. Though this business leader is our contemporary, he has already made many unique contributions to various spheres and is a subject of admiration and respect. But how can you approach his persona and write about him objectively and interestingly? That’s what our essay examples can teach you.

How to Make a Bill Gates Essay Interesting?

Bill Gates is one of the most famous people in the United States of America and beyond. He introduced the world to the personal computer in the modern sense of this world, and his company, Microsoft Inc., is world-known for its proprietary OS – Windows. He was a Harvard University student but dropped out to found his company and save time. That bold step paid off, and Bill Gates soon became the richest man in the world; he returned to Harvard to graduate some years later.

Gates contributed to many important sectors of global economics and technology development, so you may at first find it hard to choose on what sphere to concentrate. He is an active philanthropist working on the issues of climate change and financing the vaccination efforts of WHO in African countries. Gates is also an active developer of artificial intelligence technology – his company is one of the notable contributors to ChatGPT development. Thus, you may google Gates’s spheres of modern interest and investment and choose the one that attracts you the most.

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