IT-515 Discussion Three


Microsoft officially released the new operating system (OS), Windows 10 on 29th June 2015 and immediately sales were available online and via downloads (Fries, 2017). The operating system is an upgrade to earlier versions that include Windows 7 and windows 8.1 and new features include virtual assistance and upgraded start menu. Once again, the company through the leadership of Bill Gates has dominated the market for operating systems and timing has been a crucial part of this successful strategy. This is discussed below in detail.

Microsoft identified the need for upgraded operating systems because the earlier versions attracted complaints from the users. Mainly, this had to do with security patches and through innovation, windows 10 allows for upgrades from one OS to another flawlessly (Keizer, 2016). The automatic update feature of the new technology enables for continuous upgrades after initial purchase.

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The timing strategy for market entry is as a result of more than twenty years of planned upgrades that the company has been rolling out (Keizer, 2016). Due to this capacity built over time, the company has a competitive edge over rival firms who have been undercut by the new technology entry. Windows 10 was offered as a free upgrade for the first year in the market and this helped in its successful entry to the market.

Although the company has achieved the goal of making this the preferred operating system for users, the strategic free downloads have led to reduced earnings in hindsight. In future, alternative timing strategies should be adopted because free offers reduce profit margins.

In conclusion, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in June 2015 and the free upgrades were immediately popular. Although this strategy has made it the dominating operating system nowadays, the one year free period has negatively impacted revenues.

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