Leader in information technology innovation


Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft is considered in this work as an effective way of innovative leadership.  Working alongside Paul Allen, the two became the backbone of computer operating system that has taken the technological operations to the highest level (Bel, 2010).  Bill Gate’s love for technology was burning in him, such that he abandoned his studies in the university to go and exploit his skills.

His love for research and exploitation of technological ideas has made him a significant competitor in the technological industry. He has an open leadership style that he uses to organize his team members to come up with skills that enable him to be a competent performer. As has been mentioned in this analysis, the innovation was inherent in him, but he sought the support of Paul Allen (Layton, 2014).  Due to the radical revolutionary means in which his ideas have shaped the technological industry, other competitors like Apple Inc. have been forced to rethink to survive in the business industry.

Microsoft Inc. has an influence on the market globally, something that has made Bill Gates one of the world’s top richest man. He has actually confirmed that creativity and innovation have the right business solutions that the world needs (Layton, 2014).  In addition, something outstanding in Bill Gates business ideas is the willingness to work with other stakeholders to achieve the business greatness and dreams.  That is why he has various programs that support the less privileged in the society.  Though other innovations are entirely on research, Bill Gate’s situation was intrinsic.

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