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Two takes on Hellenism

Hellenism is a term coined to describe how the Greek culture influenced the Greek people as well as areas which the Roman Empire controlled. During ancient…

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Alexander the Great: Villain or Hero

Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE to King Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias. However, his parents were in an unhealthy marriage for over…

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Alexander the Great age shape

IntroductionThe conquests of Alexander the Great during third century BC had considerable influence on the western and eastern culture. While growing his growing his empire, the…

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What to Include in an Alexander the Great Essay?

So, what can a short essay on Alexander the Great be about to capture your audience’s attention and offer some fresh insights into this well-known persona’s life and achievements? Though Alexander the Great was a king and army leader in ancient history, his figure offers much inspiration to modern leaders and military commanders in the United States of America and far beyond. He was unrivaled in battle and conquered many territories with his well-trained troops, expanding the area of his Kingdom of Macedon. He is also well-known for the legend of taming a wild horse, and his numerous leadership qualities are a subject of intense research even in the 21st century.

Since this person is very interesting, and in part enigmatic for modern researchers, you can touch upon any aspect of his life that fascinates you. It can be his lineage and coming to power, early childhood and roots of leadership he revealed as a child, the education he received, and his exile. You may also dwell on the large-scale power consolidation efforts Alexander the Great made after his accession to power and his major military achievements, like the Balkan campaign.

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