Contributions of Social Media to Communication in a Business


The topic of interest describes importance of social media on enhancing communication in business. Foremost, approximately all businesses have migrated to the social media world and therefore, using social media platforms for communication increases efficiency. Secondly, since social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have access to millions of potential customers, it helps in increasing the brand awareness and loyalty among consumers (Bovee and Thill Business Communication Videos, 9. 38 min). Thirdly, through social media, the business not only enhances communication but also promotes effective marketing of products. The use of social media in business communication promotes connectivity both internally and externally (CommunitiesRus, 5.35 min). Everyone on social media is connected to a network of friends who are also connected; therefore, the business has the opportunity of gaining global attention and presence.

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Therefore, this topic plays a significant role in enhancing efficiency and reliability in business communication. Social media has the following impacts on business communication. Foremost, social media improves research on business information such as marketing before going into a meeting. The reason is that social media provide a realistic image of the market regarding competition and consumer preferences.  Social media has created a new degree of transparency in business across the world. Secondly, social media ensures immediacy in communication with customers and other partners (Kruh, n.p ). For instance, when consumers make an inquiry on a company’s website, they expect a prompt response. Through social media, communication with the consumers is quickened because of the immediate feedback. Hence, gaining customer’s trust is made possible. Finally, social media develops an influence on the target audience. Therefore, social media influence, makes the business more attractive hence attaining gain on the market share (Kruh, n. p).

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