Managing Cultural Diversity at Kasini International Limited



The current issues on political social and economic activities and events induce most of the business leaders to consider the question of management of diversity in companies. One of the primary problems at Kasini International Limited Company is that there is lack of variety primarily when it comes to social issues such as the number of women at the top level of management, issues on internalization, and the issue of globalization of the international markets. Some of these problems are pushing the company to social problems because of lack of diversity in the business. Due to the lack of diversity in the company, there is a problem regarding attracting talent, managing the costs of hiring, and retention of the most qualified employees. An effective diversity management strategy will help in reducing some of those challenges and open the company to new opportunities of having a competitive advantage over its rivals (Berger & Berger, 2014). 

Problems of Lack of Diversity

With a presence in more than 20 countries, Kasini is facing issues of lack of diversity, which affects its settings regarding the demographics of the current workforce. This is in comparison with some of the traditional practices that support the efforts by the human resource department at the company. Due to the lack of diversity, the business suffers in the culture department where the employees have lost a sense of belonging and direction. Due to this problem, the company has found it a challenge to retain some of the best talents primarily those who come from the minority groups who feel out of place. It is imperative that there is an implementation of some new approaches in the human resource department, which will help in the integration of the issue diversity in the culture of the company.

Solution to the Problems of Diversity

According to Lüdi , one of the primary strategies may be to focus on the establishment of a diversity department that will help in answering some of the needs of the employees (2016). The approach is an innovative idea primarily when relating to the diversity of the executive board members where 95% of its members are men. Through this strategy, it will be possible to create a productive climate of the organization where every employee of Kasini feels that they have a value in the growth of the company and have their skills as an essential asset due to their unique abilities. Together with the diversity management department, the company will be able to create an environment where each of its members feels an integration of their personality to the organization.

In an analysis by the talent acquisition department, the team came up with results that show that increasing diversity in the company can have a positive impact on the growth of the company through processes of decision-making, problem solving, and workforce output. One of the primary requirements for the management of diversity is the issue of the culture of the organization. The culture of the group will play a critical role when it comes to the process of implementing the diversity management by the department. The method of diversity management may fail if the process lacks the integration of values and culture in the day-to-day running of the organization. The approach on the management of diversity in the team may be efficient if during the whole process there is efficiency in the primary requirements where there is the combination by the department on issues that touch on culture, competencies, values, and management at the current level (Noe, 2013).

The Process of Managing Diversity

The management of diversity in the company will have to start at the executive level of the firm by the integration and support of some of the tools and programs that seek to develop diversity in the process of hiring and promotion of every member of the organization. One of the first few scholars to study the issue of diversity management was Thomas who gave it a definition as the commitment by the corporation when it comes to the process of rewarding, training, recruiting, and promotion of the employees through a process that is heterogeneous (Özbilgin, Tatli, & Jonsen, 2015). 

However, it is imperative to note that the meaning has been changing over the years with different authors coming up with various meanings and definition. In other cases, the issue of diversity may involve topics on imposed and voluntary approach at the human resource department in the process of creating an inclusive working environment for all the people in the organization. Through the implementation of diversity management at the company, the administration will have the ability to encourage and promote all its members and use the sense of belonging by the employees as a strategic tool for growth and attracting qualified talent.

The diversity management department must be able to come up with an approach that focuses on good stratsegy. Through this process, Kasini will have the ability to valorize all its members. In a practical strategy, all the employees in the organization will have the ability to work together in an efficient and friendly manner through increasing their level of relation and commitment. Through the strategy of diversity management, every employee of Kasini will have the ability of understanding that there are differences among them in terms of their diversity, cultures, and beliefs. The company may be able to create a positive cultural environment in the next two years and increase the growth of the business by 10% every year if the management of the diversity has a foundation on excellence and efficiency.

Some of the factors that had an influence in the consideration on the issue of diversity had a direct link to social and economic wellbeing of the company together with its employees, which made the management give it a top priority. The issue of diversity management is imperative during this period in the company primarily due to the unpredictable reaction of the global markets, which affects many international businesses. In the process where there is proper diversity management, it will create an environment where there is an increase in the number of women with promotions and an improvement in the global culture and a multi-linguistic diversity at the workplace. 

If the diversity management department manages to change the demographic setting of different communities in the company, it will help to reinforce the working environment and improve the social reality which captures a multi-ethnic and multicultural mentality.  Through this strategy, the different approaches and set of traditional practices in the human resource department will help to improve the motivation of women in the organization, recruitment of qualified talent, and the retention of the best minds in the business. 

The strategy of diversity management is imperative considering that the company is an international organization with different people from different background who are willing to work hard and be able to establish their relevance to the group. The new diversity management strategy in the organization must be able to put emphasis on the respect of different cultures, different educational backgrounds, and different gender of every member. The approach is a significant undertaking that will help to understand and capture the similarities and differences among the diverse groups in Kasini International Limited.

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Benefits of Managing Diversity in the Company

One notable advantage of the strategy on diversity management is that the company will have an exposure to diversified market in terms of the customer base and the pool of talent. The approach will help in the creation of a market that has its focus on the necessities of a diverse group as opposed to a strategy that only captures a segregated society with little influence on the brand of the company. Due to this fact, the diversity will also spread and win the requirement in the marketing team through its different strategies on advertising. The procedure opens room for the Chief Marketing Officer to align their marketing goals to include issues of diversity. The marketing team will therefore consider dealing with different groups in the customer base and improve the competitive advantage of the company in the end. The idea will open room for an approach to advertising where it strategies focuses on capturing the attention of a multiethnic audience. Additional, with this new policy, the marketing team will have the ability to create and offer ideas that are better regarding answering the needs of the audience through the products of the company. The plan gives a guarantee to the company that in the future, it will have the ability to create products that capture the tests and needs of its clients from different occupations.


The introduction of the diversity management department does not only focus on a strategy of managing the different needs of the human resource department of Kasini International Limited. Additionally, the idea is that it seeks to maintain the separate units of teams in various foreign countries and promote tailoring of products to meet the standards of a different pool of customers. According to Kunze, Boehm, and Bruch, the ability of the company to attract, give motivation and retain its employees who come from a different set of cultural backgrounds may lead various teams of the organization to have the edge over other companies regarding the competitive advantage (, H. (2013). Here, Kasini will have the potential of managing its cost structure and the benefits of retaining a high-quality workforce who have a focus and hunger for success. 

An additional advantage of capitalization of the idea of diversity management is that it has the potential of gaining the company a competitive advantage on issues that surround creativity and solving of complex problems that may be affecting the world. Kasini has to focus on choosing the right people to head the diversity management department for it to realize success. Here, the managers in this office should have the ability to be sensitive to different cultures and heritage by focusing on promoting creativity and motivation through a leadership goal of flexibility that supports diversity in all the foreign countries.

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