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Effects of Social Divisions on Youth Cultural Practice

IntroductionEffects of social divisions on youth cultural practice refer to given regulations that enshrine the youths and control their ability to make decisions in various aspects…

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Subject: Health Care
Pages: 3
Words: 845
Rating: 4,5

Changes in Medical Profession Over Last 50 Years

Medical profession has changed a lot since 1970s and most of these changes are visible in the nursing profession. Earlier, nurses were helpers to doctors with…

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Subject: Religion
Pages: 7
Words: 1975
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Visiting Islamic Center of America

Islam is a religion that is globally accepted with quite a significant number of followers. This is so because of its ability to progressively narrate and…

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Subject: Culture
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Dress and Culture

Connection between Art and FashionIn the modern world, art and fashion are connected between different ways. Changes in fashion are experienced daily as an attempt to…

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Subject: Education
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The importance of school uniforms

In the recent past, schools, parents, and students have clashed over whether to regulate student attire or not. It is apparent that researchers are divided over…

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Subject: Education
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Why students should have to wear a uniform

The idea of uniforms started a few centuries ago, and the first educational place to use them was Christ’s Hospital in the United Kingdom in the…

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Subject: Gender Studies
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My dress my choice

Women have been bearing the highest burden of rape cases. The high rape cases among women are because they are perceived to be of weaker gender….

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Dress Code Essay: Importance of Dress Code

Dress code is a written set of rules governing what people should wear. Many schools in the United States of America have school uniforms representing the student body. Even though some dress codes may not be fair to everyone – especially girls – they promote safety, status, and style.

Composing essays on dress code is important since learners get to understand the pros and cons of dressing appropriately for the event they’re planning to attend. Besides, such essays break down the different dress codes acceptable in the public eye – from smart casual to business casual for corporates planning to close a multi-million deal. For instance, Supreme Court judges have specific attire and can’t wear informal clothes during sessions.

Thus, the importance of dress code essay can’t be overruled since it offers valuable insights when selecting the proper attire for any occasion.

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