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What is the current state of society?

The currents state of society is bad because of the low economic growth and development. The situation is a culmination of corruption and lack of incorporation of entrepreneurship and artwork in economic growth and development. The limitation of funds to the creative work is partly the problem ailing the economy. Aspects such as graffiti and cultural expose are never promoted in the society. Consequently, the youth who are involved in the artwork get discouraged and abandon their artwork. The theaters also receive limited financing because of a misconception that theaters negatively influence the youth. According to Milrad, & Agnew (2010), the theaters are the best form of showcasing of artwork, which promotes creativity and innovation.   

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What skills or knowledge or passion do you possess that you can commit to serving society through the arts?

I possess graffiti, acrobatic, drawing, graphic design, dancing, and yoga performance skills. Therefore, I can immensely contribute to the community service in several ways. The skills are a basis for my entrepreneurship because I am able to convert my sills into business ventures. For instance, my graphic design skills will enable me design logos, emblems, and other items on a commercial basis. Consequently, I will be able to employ other youths, hence increasing disposable income for the people. In the same breath, I offer drawing products, and graffiti, dancing and yoga performances on a commercial basis.     

How do you propose that the arts be used to effect positive change in society?

The arts can be positively used in society through the incorporation of the youth in activities such as graffiti, acrobatics, dancing and yoga performances. The art activities will enable the youth to contribute to the economy besides keeping them busy. According to Lardizabal (2016), the showcasing of the cultural artifacts and heritage of the nation is part of the art work that can immensely earn the country foreign exchange, which increases the country’s reserves. The promotion of art in society promotes creativity and innovation. For instance, a government should offer incentives to entrepreneurs to promote artistic innovation. Online publishing is part of the art, which should be promoted because it promotes literacy levels in society.           

What are the specific, enumerated “calls to action” you are issuing in your manifesto?

I call for immediate online evolution promotion through online broadcasts, graffiti and cultural expose, music production, publishing and motion picture industry. The implementation of such an initiative will promote business, enhance creativity and competition. Consequently, it will serve as an economic stimulant. The other priority is the revamping of the theater industry. The move will enhance the appreciation of art and heritage. The promotion of the film industry will also enhance foreign exchange because the film industry is competitive globally. White (2015) asserts that the film industry is the perfect manifestation of creativity and innovation. For this reason, the emphasis on the industry will boost the national income through taxation of the services and the disposable income.       

How do you think society would respond to your calls-to-action, and what will be your response?

Society will readily and positively embrace my manifesto tenets because they will benefit from the implementation of my ‘calls to action’. There will be an economic revolution because the impact of artwork in an economy is huge. The creation of art requires creativity, innovation, and acumen. For this reason, the focus on art, especially in the online evolution and film industry, will enhance economic growth and development. Movies are readily demanded products, hence society stands to gain from the business. The theater industry is also important because it serves as a recreational and commercial center at the same time. The creative performances at the theaters are hilarious and encourage healthy living in society.  

The online evolution, film industry, music production, online broadcasts, graffiti and cultural expose, music production, publishing and motion pictures, are all creative aspects that can boost the societal standards of living. The music industry is one of the aspects of my manifesto that will be appealing to the electorate. According to Diaz (2013), the music industry will boost commerce and exploitation of the talents and potential of many youths in society. The online evolution encompasses several commerce aspects including online publishing and broadcasting, which enhances technological proficiency in society. The manifesto element will also boost literacy levels and globalization because of the positive impact of technology in business. In addition, the theater industry is also significant in boosting commerce in society, hence a major element in my manifesto. The revamping of the industry will enhance the exploitation of youth talents, especially in dancing, acrobatics, and yoga performances. The cultural exhibitions will also enhance trade and creativity. The film industry is essential in my manifesto given that films are demanded globally, and they are never seasonal. The performing arts are the most hilarious and desired besides the films. Therefore, there is a need for the parents to be exhorted to discover the talents inherent in their children to help in the promotion of talent exploitation. The ice-skating and magic shows are great because they are breath-taking and they generate income for the participants. By and large, I believe my manifesto will be accepted by my subjects and artwork will be fully incorporated in my economic planning and implementation.        

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