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Though BAE was given the project, there were many impediments that made it delay. There was ineffective communication between the consultants and the management. Various managers dealt with the project. The project was divided into three divisions, which were software design, industrial control, and mechanical engineering. The change in the managers of staff from slinger to Gail Edmond and the reduction of control over the project reduced its progress significantly. Slinger as a manager was more autonomous and efficient in directing the project together with the consultants. The management team relationship with the project team was quite poor. The lack of coordination further led to the cancellation of different project activities and the weak relationship between the management and the project team. The management team did not have competence in the handling of baggage, which made the consultants have a difficult time. Contractors carried out their tasks without coordination and thus activities may not have been finished on time or ended up incomplete. Stone and Webster as project managers provide advice, which was not heeded. Poor communication and lack of knowledge overall project by the mayor and the city staff gave the consultants and contractors a hard time. 

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Project Management Preparation

For the project to succeed I will use various approaches particularly engaging tools and techniques that will ensure success when carrying out the project. The different tools and techniques that I will use include SWOT, PEST, RACI, risk map, stakeholder matrix and 

As a project manager, I will seek to improve communication among the management team and various sections of the stakeholders carrying out the project. 


Some of the tools include the use of SWOT analysis. The SWOT will determine the various threats and opportunities that can be utilized to ensure the project is carried out smoothly (Portny, 2017). As a project manager, I will organize the various activities and carry out consultations with the management to improve communication. The baggage-handling project needs a lot of coordination between the people who are involved. There are many stakeholders involved. The mayor further wants the involvement of other players who include the companies associated with minorities and women. Such a large workforce can lead to confusion, conflict, and as such using the SWOT analysis, I will determine the threats that may face the project in such a working environment. The leadership will be part of a meeting of stakeholders that will ensure that all interference avoided by providing the leadership with a clear picture of the project. The leadership and the staff helping in guiding the project will thus be briefed on all activities and the expected interference discussed with the leaders to ensure that less disruption occurs. 

Since there are many activities, I will determine the various times they are to start and by what contractors to ensure that there is no inactivity. A SWOT analysis, in this case, will help in determining the opportunities and threats that may face a programmer. PEST is another tool that I will be used in determining the technological, social, economic and political factors. PEST is quite relevant since economic and political factors are an inherent part of the project (Heerkens, 2015).  I will use PEST to determine the various factors since there are many players that include the politicians, local companies, and minorities who are included in the project. The constant interference by city staff is a factor that needs to be dealt with completely. The different interferences associated with the various elections and the respective mayors have caused interruptions to the project. The government through the mayor has changed most of the timelines and further caused delay due to the continual interference. The mayor has mostly controlled the project and laid down various strategies like the delay of the project and not consulting with BAE in carrying out tests. Therefore, in organizing for the different activities, I will focus on the power play at hand and ensure that the activities regarding authorization are dealt with to ensure smooth flow of activities. Through the SWOT analysis, I will determine the internal and external threats and arrange activities that each stakeholder will undertake without much interference. The project faced too much interference from the leadership. Contractors need enough time and more consultation, which helps in ensuring that activities are carried out accordingly. Carrying out a SWOT and PEST analysis will help in dealing with the various issues that may arise and help the individuals and entities concerned with the project to come together and complete various tasks effectively. 


I will further use RACI (Responsible, accountable consulted, informed) to determine the various roles of each stakeholder. Since the project failed in the allocation of tasks together with the timelines, I will use RACI to ensure that tasks and responsibilities are given accordingly. RACI, in this case, involves the people who are responsible, those who are accountable together with consultants and those who are informed particularly the management. The responsible people are those who undertake the different tasks or utile the different resources. Accountability comes in when people take credit for the failure or progress of each activity. As the project will be ongoing task manager will have to submit reports to ensure that progress is noted and any action that is needed performed as required. The consultants will further provide more help about the various stages involving the project. The verify and sign off options have been added to RACI. Activities, in this case, can be checked to determine whether they meet the standards together with the signing off regarding such activities. Through RACI-VS I will be able to assign all tasks and roles in the project and ensure that they are conducted as required by the right people especially those involving the local stakeholders (Kerzner, 2017). Noting the various mistakes made in allocating tasks and avoiding the interruption of various activities like those that affected BAE when PMT took over some of its operations. The regional managers did not have knowledge and experience in baggage technologies and systems, which made matters worse. In this case, I will use RACI to explain to the area manager on the importance of allowing BAE to carry out its activities without interruption as this can confuse linking the different parts under construction

Stakeholder Matrix

I will further make use of a stakeholder matrix in the mapping of stakeholders about vitality and potential impact on project activity. Partners and suppliers together with senior managers and the management as a whole are relevant stakeholders to the project. The matrix will help in ensuring that various interests associated with stakeholders like dealing with conflicting objectives together with those parties or individuals who may not be linked directly to the project (Cadle, Paul & Turner, 2014). The main aim of the matrix is to deliver, sign off, record, align and capture stakeholder aims.

Cause and Effect Diagram

I will further use a cause and effect diagram to find out the potential impacts and the event causes. The cause of different events is represented graphically especially those that result in one or several impacts. The beginning and finishing points are represented by A and B points respectively. 

Risk map 

It is a program that represents risks about its impact and likelihood. The probability, in this case, is taken into consideration and can be noted as being high, medium or low (. A combined classification of risk regarding the significant impact and high probability when the risk occurs is evidently a crucial risk. The risks, in this case, can be classified as greatly low or high. 

Radar Chart

I will further use a radar chart to determine the various risks associated with different projects being carried regarding the baggage handling equipment. The data involving the various risks will further be converted by the use of a chart. Points that are near the edge have high values while those near the center have low values. 

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Positioning for Success

The various techniques and tools will help in providing different alternatives and solutions that will help in dealing with the shortfalls that face the project as it was carried out at the onset. The baggage-handling project lacked proper coordination, which would have been averted, had responsibilities been defined and allocated accordingly. The use of RACI will help in defining all activities in their order of importance together with those responsible for carrying them out. The tools are quite important in ensuring further that the communication is done accordingly. As various tasks are assigned and the timelines of the different activities taken into account, contractors will not be able to engage in conflict with the management and with each other. Furthermore, the linkage of the different sections which involve software, mechanical parts of the equipment and industrial processes. It is essential to consider the connection between the different tasks particularly those that are connected with the different sections of the projects. 

The RACI will ensure that such parts know their accountability and responsibility and that the software is made accordingly. The software in the project did not work as expected due to lack of coordination and connection with the different sections of the project. Planning the project and outlining all responsibilities as project managers will enable there to be coordination and ensure that all parts work together to deliver a finished and working solution to the airport. The communication between the area managers and the larger management together with the project will help in avoiding mishaps involving shortchanging various contractors who had started working on the project. BAE, in this case, had to be relegated to another part of the airport while PMT took over on the airport-wide construction. The consultation was for united airlines at first but was expanded without much consultation with those involved. Therefore carrying out the risk assessment of the whole project and defining the necessary task and allocating them accordingly will lessen conflict and increase efficiency among the contractors and the different sections carrying out the assigned roles.

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