Basic Concepts of Information Systems

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Information systems involve the application of technologies, people and automated procedures which work together to improve human decision making in an organization. To achieve this, there are different concepts which must be integrated, and they include people, data, hardware, and software. The people involved in the information system include system analysts, workers who are involved in capturing the data, programmers and chief information officers. Moreover data is a very sensitive component, in order for an organization to make adequate decisions, it must collect accurate data. The data must also be stored securely and logically so that it meets the needs of the system users. Another concept is the hardware which involves physical devices such as computers, disk drives, printers, scanners, and switches that may be connected to a network (Bourgeois). Lastly, is the software which is a set of instructions which tell the hardware what functions to execute. However, there are different types of software such as the operating systems which make the hardware usable and applications which perform specific tasks.

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I have witnessed the effective use of information system in the delivery of healthcare services. A healthcare facility is usually faced with challenges in managing data from the finance department, pharmacy, laboratory, nursing, pathology, and radiology. Previously, the data was kept manually which was time-consuming (“Hospital Information Systems.”). Currently, through the introduction of information systems, the facilities can store accurate patient records in the database which is  regularly updated in the patient’s profile (Bourgeois). Before the doctors give prescriptions on the patients, they can view their detailed profile and are able to make informed decisions.  

The use of information system has helped patients in remote areas to access healthcare services. For instance, through the use of wireless integrated microsystems (WIMS), it helps in remote capturing of patient’s physiological data to the caregivers and helps in the timely treatment of illness (“Hospital Information Systems.”). Those who have diabetes can use a blood glucose meter (CGM) which is connected to the information system and the medical practitioner can view the patient’s readings and advise them to change their lifestyle and medication. 

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