Benefits and Drawbacks to the Health Care System in the US

Subject: Health Care
Type: Evaluation Essay
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Word count: 395
Topics: Government, Medical Ethics, Public Health, Public Policy

The healthcare fraternity consists of various public and private health facilities which offer services to the American population. The diversity of knowledge in the American healthcare department has improved over the past century due to globalization and improvement in technology. Intrinsically, there are numerous benefits and limitations experienced in both the public and private funded healthcare facilities in the United States of America (Harris, 2013). The ability to access healthcare facilities and services without discrimination and favor is one of the benefits that patients benefit from the healthcare facilities in America. The facilitation of the act gives the American population the advantage of accessing medical attention regardless of their financial status. Nonetheless, the facilitation of medical care gives the population the energy to work harder due to their physical wellness, thus, improving on the economy (Borges, 1998). In addition, the promotion of human rights through social justice and provision of quality healthcare earns the government and business entities the trust of the American citizens.

 The American healthcare field is usually covered with numerous shortcomings and limitations due to the increased level of population, presence of bureaucracy and some level of corruption within the healthcare departments (Nicholas, 2013). Research indicates that there are patients who experience complications in American hospitals due to the negligence and ignorance that are presented by health practitioners. To resolve numerous cases arising from health facilities, ethics and timely delivery of services are major factors that should be enhanced in the various health care facilities to acquire trust and respect of the patients. Healthcare is one of the fields that rely on effective service delivery and experiences gathered by practitioners in enhancing better health and wellness of patients. Consequently, there are numerous challenges that are experienced and witnessed in the different departments across the region (Borges, 1998). Special attention and care should consequently be given to the numerous patients that suffer from different diseases and related complications so as to improve on health care quality. However, healthcare practitioners fail to adhere to their respective duties in certain instances, thus, causing adverse effects to their patients.

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