Caviar, Truffles and Foie Gras

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There are different grades of Caviar. The best one will vary according to the person. The first grade is the Beluga caviars which is the most expensive amid all the grades. The high cost of this grade is because of the scarceness of the Beluga sturgeons. The second grade is the Osetra caviars which have a creamy walnut taste. The third grade is the Sevruga caviars which is a delicacy best known for its taste that connoisseurs appreciate so much. The sizes do vary. Their main origin is the Caspian Sea (Sutton, 2001). Other geographical locations of Caviar are at Hudson River. They are harvested from dead fish. The process of sizing takes place during the egg separation which will show how the eggs have been processed. Caviar is a processed, salted fish eggs known as Roe. Malossol refers to the fresh caviar that has a small percentage of salt. Presentation of caviar is through making a very elegant, glamorous and delicious appetizer.

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There are different types of Truffle. There is the Winter White Truffle which is harvested in the winter. The winter black truffle is harvested in the summer. It is approximately one inch. The Truffle industry is highly advanced in France. The process of removal of truffles is through raking. Truffles are scarce because they only grow in particular conditions (Freedman, 2007). Their scarceness makes them expensive. A culinary application using truffles is through infusing their smell and flavor.

Foie Gras

Foie gras refers to the liver of a particularly fattened duck or goose that has been cooked as food. Foie gras production is highly developed in France. Duck liver has gamier flavor while goose liver is more refined. Gavage refers to the issuing of drugs or food by force and particularly to animals, down their throats. One culinary application for foie gras is borscht soup and sour cream.

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