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Build background knowledge in a specific area of computer security in depth

Computer security is the protection of both hardware and software components of the computer system; inclusive of the information stored within its system. This implies that cybersecurity entails prevention of unauthorized hacking of the computer system to execute information that is not intended by the individual users, organizations or alt the global level (https://www.thebalance.com/disadvantages-of-cloud-computing-4067218). Misdirecting such services that the computer offers would lead into total confusion within any institution, a fact that is mostly critical in the health sector. There are a number of security technologies designed to curb theft of information within the software component of the device and to ensure safety to its hardware components. Some of these include: cloud security, database security, spyware, cellphone security, identity theft security, TV security, security of digital certificates and wireless LAN encryption. Unfortunately, the technologies may fail to provide the required standard level of security. This research will major on the limitations of current technological advancements in computer security and the impacts on various organizations and individuals on a global basis.

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Establish the limitations of current security technologies and the impact on computing limitations on Individuals at the local and global level

For instance, down time is a major challenge related to cloud security. Occasionally, the internet connectivity may be very poor, resulting into delays during service provision. The outages may result into risky exposure of the hardware to viruses, majorly the Trojan and worm viruses hence affecting the speed of the software component. Connection problems would mean that most applications within the system may fail to run thereby halting business transactions in the related field or organization globally (Sudhi 2015). Additionally, hacking resulting from improper privacy results into deletion of sensitive data and the resultant effect will be felt by the individual user.

Furthermore, limited control and flexibility of information execution by the hosting infrastructure may limit the degree of what the customer can do with their deployments (Sudhi 2015). Assertively, the customer cannot regulate some data and applications within the system due to lack of crucial credentials, probably that the manufacturer has hidden. In most cases, this intends to protect the sole rights that the government grants the manufacturer.

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Cloud computing platform dependency is another issue that does not allow for flexibility. Actually, the vendor-lock-in makes it quite expensive to shift from one platform into another through failure to reconfigure the applications. Therefore, migrating will expose one’s security details to the new host and finally lead to information loss or unnecessary distortions. Failure to conform, to the standards of migration and retaining of data ownership would lead into insecurity.

On the same, the cost of cloud computing can be too high for individual platform users as compared to bigger organizations. Therefore, such individuals can incur losses on short-term projects.

Establish the limitations of current security technologies and the impact of computing limitations on organizations, and society

Database security technology also has a number of limitations that negatively impact on organizations and the society. For instance, the DBMS software require a processor with a very high processing speed in order to execute information appropriately as expected by organizations (Jittla 2012). A typical example of such organization is the banking system that needs to serve a large number of customers within the shortest time possible. Therefore, to accomplish this, it is mandatory to upgrade both the hardware and software of the DBMS. This costs most organizations huge amounts of capital that can be instead used to expand their operations, hence lower rates of development.

Nevertheless, cost of staff training limits the overall performance of most organizations. It is necessary to terrain these individuals since the management of databases is a complex task that requires immense knowledge of the users. (Jittla 2012) asserts on the knowledge on programming, application development and database administration in order to successfully manage databases. The training is quite pricey and even though some organizations try to cater for such expenses, low development rates in the entire society is inevitable.

Furthermore, the data within the computer system is connected into a single database. Therefore, it implies that any activity intended to corrupt the database, like power blackout may lead to loss of the whole data and files. This may lead to all the operations of an organization coming to a standstill. Consequently, the members of the society that wholly depend on such an organization may face a miasma tougher than death in case they lack a source of income.

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Furthermore, researchers validate the assertions by presenting the issue of enterprise vulnerability. Since all the data is integrated into a single database system, information contained in the data files depends on each other, hence are inseparable. Any modification of the database would lead into destruction of the files and loss of sensitive data still remains unresolved. (Murray 2010 p.68) insists on SQL injection as a typical example that exposes security details to other internet users. The threats are elevated by the programming languages that alter the execution of intended commands into the computer memory. As a result, there is access to private data in the dictionaries hence lack of safety and trust on the electronic data.

In consideration to security of digital certificates, the cryptographers may use identical private keys for individual users. Mostly, users employ the symmetric keys to secure their data and the public keys to decrypt data. Some users may resort to key generators to hack some accounts that are protected by the private keys, hence leakage of information. Therefore, exchanging the private keys without the symmetric key algorithm will expose the private keys to other users. The aftermath of such exchanges is greatly felt by the organization. In the case of public key, a malicious third party between the sender and the final user may attack data and intentionally distort its contents. This can actually impersonate each of the members involved, hence inconveniences (Matt nd, p.3)

Certificate authority can be attacked by the “man in the middle” and consequently impersonate the members. Use of these certificates by the third party clearly indicates that information exchange is never safe and can be easily compromised to the benefit of the benefactor.

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Select a specific limitation as the target of your research and demonstrate the impact of advances in computer technology on your chosen topic

More specifically, this research targets the unauthorized access as a limitation of the Wireless LAN encryption. Since connection to the WLAN allows for access to some servers and applications, this can perpetuate hacking over the Wi-Fi networks by other users. For instance, (Geier 2015 p.np) can manipulate unsecured ports by using the TCP port scanners to reconfigure networks. Upon succeeding, he/she may access utilities that expose sensitive information in the system. Furthermore, a hacker can stage a third party between the sender and the user through the TCP/IP Address Resolution Protocol functions (Geier 2015 p.np). Hackers can also send fictitious ARP response through a wireless network to update the ARP tables of various organizations. This can make such organizations to send their data frames that facilitate hacking unknowingly; and such can be realized later after a great fault has occurred. Ideally, rogue wireless access points lead to unauthorized operations on data, some of which are not captured in the records of the institution thereby leading to tremendous losses. Employees of an organization may also facilitate the rogue wireless access points by installing applications into their office supply without proper coordination with the administration.  These employees make it difficult for IT officials to locate the source of some faults, hence data loss that actually does not affect the organization alone but the entire members of the society.

The advances in computer technology, though has a lot of advantages, has negatively compromised financial data. In California, for instance, IT officials revealed private configuration of data and sending of the printed information to hacker’s IP address. This could give all financial details to the third party and finally lead to distortion of financial figures hence theft. Therefore, accessing this WLAN would send all details of the company to the hacker. Such details include employee salary, company set objectives, the goals of the company and the sales volume and patterns.

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On a positive note, the computer has simplified communication across the globe, saves time during business transactions, improved the healthcare and the educational sector. Contrarily, human beings have become too lazy and greatly depend on tech tools to perform their duties. This has led to a decline in innovations that could help solve the issues of insecurity in the computing sector.

In the health sector, for instance massive loss of lives resulting from changes in how computers are programmed to execute data is noticeable. All these result from hacking of the system, thereby resulting into misleading information that when used in hospitals, cause mortality of patients. Globally, advancements in computer technologies have led to inaccurate statistical figures that occasionally result due to downtime and unsecured WLAN passwords.

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