Coffee and blood sugar experiment

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The primary objective of this experiment was to determine the effect of caffeine on glycemic levels of the body. The researchers wanted to investigate whether the coffee whose main constituent is caffeine can be used to treat diabetes. The hypothesis for this experiment would be; Caffeine can be used in reducing diabetes due to its involvement in consumption of blood sugar in the body. Studies in epidemiology have shown that the use of coffee can reduce the risk of developing cancer but the active ingredients involved in the process cannot be established (Fitzgerald, 2013). The researchers have based this study on the fact that coffee has bee, found to contain higher concentrations of phonemic chemicals than other stimulants such as tea and wine. Therefore, the researchers wanted to investigate whether the use of coffee among diabetic patients can help control the blood sugar levels. The procedure of the experiment was such that a group of 10 mice were given coffee water drink at the ratio of 1:1 for a period of five weeks while another group of 11 were given water for the same duration with motoring done on a weekly basis. The results of the experiment showed that caffeine can be used to control diabetes as the body weights remained constant but blood sugar levels reduced by 30% for the coffee group (Bhaktha, 2015).

The test was relevant given that mice can develop a diabetes condition. His provided the researchers with the perfect match to represent human beings.  Considering body size, weight and population size, it is easy to extrapolate the results to human highlighting the effectiveness o the methodology (Siswantoro & Purwanto, 2017).

The results of the research revealed that coffee can be used in controlling blood sugar level with no effect on the body weight. This is great news to me and the world especially people with diabetes as coffee can offer an available source for controlling the condition.

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