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Cultural Anthropology

AbstractCultural anthropology is the study of people and their beliefs. This study enables the analysis of a culture by examining their patterns of behavior in a…

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Subject: Science
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Culture in Australia

SummaryAustralia is considered as both a country and a continent. Australia’s tropical/subtropical area and frosty waters off the western drift make a large portion of Western…

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Subject: Science
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Archaeological find that occurred in the last twenty years that…

The Headless Vikings of Dorset were discovered recently in 2009 at the seaside town of Weymouth. The 1000-year old mass grave had 51 skulls neatly stacked…

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Subject: Science
Pages: 3
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Evolution of a population under varying conditions

AbstractThe primary aim of this simulation project is to experimentally study the evolution of populations under varying natural selection conditions and environments using Unicorn Evolution Machine…

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Subject: Sociology
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Economic development of New Jersey

The economy of a country or a state determines the level of living standards of its residents. If the economy is growing, then the living standards…

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Subject: Sports
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Ethnographic research: my gym experience

IntroductionThis is an ethnographic research about my one-week experience at the gym. The research explores the environment, the people, the place, the practice and the machinery…

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Ethnography Paper: Challenging Moments of Crucial Topic

Ethnography is a branch of anthropology that researches interaction, customs, habits, and behavior inside a community. The root “Ethnos” is translated from Greek as “people, a nation,” so this research method deals with social relations. While studying ethnography, it is impossible to reach success without complete immersion into the atmosphere and culture of the investigated object.

Since an integral part of ethnography is a comparison, all the student observations and descriptions must be targeted to demonstrate differences. When working on their papers, learners will have to spend lots of time investigating and understanding all the peculiarities of the community they study.

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