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History Essay

Essay #1There are many reasons why the Europeans had to carry out exploration in the 1400 century. However, this essay will only discuss the two principal…

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Subject: Famous Person
Pages: 10
Words: 2566
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Historiography about William Shakespeare

IntroductionThe question whether Shakespeare was the true author of his plays has been of much controversy for the last two centuries. Literary critics and scholars have…

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Subject: Science
Pages: 4
Words: 1176
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Archaeological find that occurred in the last twenty years that…

The Headless Vikings of Dorset were discovered recently in 2009 at the seaside town of Weymouth. The 1000-year old mass grave had 51 skulls neatly stacked…

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Subject: Science
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The collapse of the Mayan civilization

To date, scientists are yet to agree on a single theory to explain the collapse of the Mayan civilization. However, some factions associate the fall with…

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Starting Your Essay on Historiography

Creating an essay about historiography is usually fun. It allows students to examine various methods historians use to document historical events. This essay critically examines how historical research methods and sources affect a history book’s academic integrity. For instance, it cross-examines why scientists are at war with each other regarding what caused the Mayan civilization’s collapse. Some scientists attribute it to climate change, while others blame ecological changes.

A student crafting this paper is caught between opposing scientific views on various historical matters. They may also face styling, grammar, and research challenges.

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