Color Psychology


Most marketers consider color to be a significant component of marketing since color can be used to manipulate the feeling and view of a customer regarding certain commodities and services. Color has impacts on the notions that are not obvious like the taste of food. Likewise, color psychology is the study of the color of how the behavior of human beings is related to color (Ciotti, 2014). Color can be applied to show different emotional results like joy, harmony or love. When used appropriately, it can arouse a person’s view of a commodity or an item. However, color may have different meanings for different individuals, but specific purposes of color are common to the entire universe. Additionally, individuals may have a different view of color because of their culture and life experiences. I have applied the knowledge of color psychology to brand my commodity meant for skin care.

There are two main categories of colors in the packaging design of my commodity. The first one is green and sand color to symbolize nature and the second one is pink and orange color to express the diversity of smells. Green in the packaging symbolizes the natural herbs such Aloe Vera that are essential in treating the skin against harmful microorganisms. The brown color symbolizes the sand and the color of the skin. The pink and orange colors represent the sweet fragrance since most flowers take these colors. These colors will give perception of sweet scent to the consumer. Since the packaging design was done at the end of the sustainable development course, it was important to ensure that nearly all materials used, if not all, are environmentally friendly. The outer cover of the package is made from seed paper since such kind of writing is not harmful to people and does not pollute the environment. Additionally, the paper can be reused grow crops when watered.

Nature is always known to be green. Therefore, using the green color in my packaging design is meant to make consumers feel the naturalness of the product (Tsemashko, 2017). Through this idea, the customers will believe that the skin care product is manufactured from naturally existing raw materials like plants and not from mixing different chemicals in the laboratories. This kind of perception attracts many customers since most people value essential commodities because natural commodities have very few or no side effects. Additionally, the sand color also supports the impression of naturalness. The two colors go further and invite people to protect the environment because they will see the worthiness of nature in the packaging design of my commodity. 

There is a serious ecological problem in the contemporary society that is mainly the fault of human beings. Therefore, it is important to encourage individuals to protect the environment through all means possible. I have used the packaging design of my product to pass the message of protecting our environment. Unlike other design firms which neither use harmful materials or things that are eye-catching but can neither be reused nor be recycled, I have designed my package using seed paper that can both be recycled and reused. The seed paper can be reused to grow crops when watered. It is appropriate for design firms to choose to protect the environment from making more profit while putting people’s lives in danger (Mohebbi, 2014).

The pink and orange colors also have their unique purpose of symbolizing different smells. This gives the customers a perception that my commodity has a variety of versions with unique scents. Additionally, pink and orange colors are conspicuous and thus easily attract the attention of consumers. The pink color is also known to be the color of happiness and is at times considered as lighthearted. Happiness comes from living in a healthy environment. Pink can even resemble the much love that we have for our consumers, and that is why when offering or receiving flowers, most people usually like to use pink blossoms. The love is confirmed by offering a naturally made product to our customers.

In conclusion, color psychology is a very important concept in the marketing and branding sector. Design companies will always want to use colors that would appeal and communicate to customers in a certain unique way (Chang & Lin, 2010). In my packaging design, I have used green and sand color to resemble nature, and orange and pink color to symbolize different smells. The green and sand color will make customers realize the importance of the environment and thus take part in protecting it.

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