Importance of diversity in a college


College life normally brings students of all lifestyles from various parts of the world. When focusing on student life in a college numerous aspects of diversity are exhibited and need to be embraced. This essay seek to examine the extent and importance of diversity that a college student can be exposed to, particularly when in an international university that gathers students from across the world.

Aspects such as culture, religion, economic and political affiliations defines diversity in a college. In most cases, diversity attributed to culture and religion is more pronounced since the elements that defines it are seen. For instance, a student from an African nation exhibits the African culture in terms of dressing and eating habits (Beckman, 45). An African woman will prefer wearing long skirts that cover her legs, which is a rare practice with the women from the European nations. An African student may prefer eating using hands, while others from the European nations believe in using spoons and forks. When it comes to the aspect of religion, it makes the aspect of diversity so really, because one will find Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hinduisms among others. All these aspects promotes international co-existence.

The top most significance of diversity in a college milieu is the exchange of culture and beliefs. Students in college find it fantastic to know what their colleagues from different background beliefs particularly in culture. In this process of knowing, cultural exchange takes place and this helps in reducing the racial gaps (Kuh, 56). In essence, when college students embrace cultural, religion diversity, a sense of harmony is created, and each one is seen as equal. Today we have a world that embraces even the most primitive practices in the name of diversity and this has contributed to deep heights of inter-racial and community integration.

In addition, the diversity in college students helps in embracing each other as students and a people of the same institution. It is true that education forms the bedrock of the diversity through cultural exchange among students. It is notable that most students have embraced different cultural backgrounds from their colleagues; they have admired them, they have learnt them and they have ended swimming in them by accepting inter-cultural marriages (Kuh, 59). The end of this exchange is global integration. With the first speed in which the world is moving in terms of linking various parts, governments, and people across the globe, embracing diversity has enabled even the college students to travel across the globe to ascertain various cultural backgrounds that they see in colleagues in colleges. For instance, a student in a university in America can travel to Kenya to see the reality of the Maasai culture.

The other significance of diversity in a college among the students is learning of different languages. Most students have always liked to learn the indigenous languages for fun. This is a big step in embracing integration and harmony among the students (Beckman, 36). In addition, diversity enhances a good life in college since the students are busy learning from each when out of class. In essence, diversity makes college life real and enjoyable and opens up the mind of the students to the world of over a million cultural beliefs. The students learns that the world is a mixture of people, beliefs and religion and all the people belong to one God.

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