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A Community assessment provides useful information which helps to determine given conditions of the society concerning various societal problems.  The data for a health assessment shows the health status and the predisposing risk factors of the society (Bilton, 2011). It is the duty of the government to provide good and accessible healthcare services to the public so as to reduce health problems related mortalities. This paper provides the community-based problems identified at Orange Park during an assessment process. Further, the report discusses the strategy, interventions, and the method used to educate the community on the interventions proposed. 

Community-based health problems

The outcome of a good health care program in any society is evaluated from the length quality of life the members of that society. A quality life is evidenced in proper physical and mental health and live births with the correct weight. On the other hand, the length of life is equivalent to the number of years a person lives. The assessment of the health status of the population of Orange Park comprised of an evaluation of the data on demography and the relationship with the health status of various components of its population. The data was obtained from the business professionals, the elderly, parents, minority residents, and the faith community. The leaders also gave their opinions on the status of the health care services and quality of life issues. The assessment identified the following key health problems that the community faced: drug and substance abuse, exercise, and nutrition and weight. Most adults in Orange Park drink excessively and there is also a high adult smoking rate.  The percentage of adults who smoke over 100 cigarettes is at 20% which is above the national average of 18% (Health Planning Council of Northeastern Florida). Cigarette smoking causes respiratory diseases because the smoke from the cigarettes damages the respiratory system. In addition, inadequate exercising and poor nutrition have led to many people to suffer from obesity. The national average obese population is 28% whereas the rate at Orange Park is 37% (Health Planning Council of Northeastern Florida, 2015). Obesity has for a long time led to cardiac problems which can easily cause death. 

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Intervention strategy

Health care is a major campaign area in many elective politics. The government makes an effort to ensure a healthy nation. There are various intervention measures that can be employed to curb the above health issues. First and foremost, there needs to be a deliberate effort by the government, non-governmental organizations, school, and religious organizations to inform, educate, and empower the public on health issues. The healthy living campaigns should be frequent and consistent. One of the greatest pillars of learning is repetition. The continuous information to the public will win the citizens one after another until all are reached and influenced. Secondly, the government needs to formulate and implement laws and regulations that promote good health practices (Health Planning Council of Northeastern Florida, 2015). The type of food prepared in most fast food shops should be regulated to ensure the safety of many who frequent these places for a bite. 

One teaching strategy that I will use to reach out to them is the case study approach. In this approach, I would use the previous cases of different people who lived unhealthy lifestyles in line with the health issues highlighted and what became of their lives. A case study is a real life experience which most people can relate with. Some case studies will also include the people who chose the path of change and show the quality of lives they live. Case studies cut across several cultures and the progression in the case studies would capture all age groups. 

Dealing with health habits which are sometimes difficult for the people affected to do away with requires one to have a good strategy. The strategy has to be objective and firm yet flexible.  The strategy should be based on the results of the assessment process. With the data, the health issues can be categorized into how many people of the different are affected by drug and substance abuse, exercise, and nutrition and weight. The next step is to determine the goals for each health issue in a particular age group. The goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.  Develop a plan for each goal. The plan should allow people to grow systematically and successfully pass through all the stages of addiction. Every goal and each plan needs to be evaluated. Therefore, there is need to clarify indicators of success and failure for each goal. Once all the above steps have been completely done, the strategy would be ready for implementation.  

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