Competitive Advantages

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Due to the use of servant leadership, there is an increase in the company’s production. Companies with a strong and competent servant leadership have evident growth and expansion. Servant leadership entails setting a group of people to oversight the work that their fellow workers are doing and solving problems that may arise in the cause of working and taking care of the worker’s needs (Chiniara, 2017). The leaders set goals and encourage the workers to work towards set goals. Through interactions, the leaders are able to convince workers on the importance of focusing on one direction. They are also able to consult the workers even before setting companies goals, hence having a variety of ideas. (Chiniara, 2017). Servant leaders seem to have a lot of information about the external and competitive world and are, mainly driven by the need of an organization to become more superior in the market.

The servant leaders also help to serve and meet the worker’s needs. They are able to establish a good rapport with the workers due to continued interaction, hence the workers feel free to communicate their wants. Due to the established relationship, the workers feel motivated to work, hence increasing their productivity (Davenport, 2014). By also solving internal wars between the workers helps to establish a good working team and therefore improved production. The servant leadership also helps the individual workers to grow in terms of their skills and therefore reducing the mistakes arising from the workers. The consistent interaction helps the servant leader to recognize each worker’s ability and weak points (Davenport, 2014). The servant leader may help and advice an employee on how to turn his/her weak points into value. There may also be the division of labor, allowing people to work on areas that they are good in. They may also avail training to the workers through seminars and workshops. This, in turn, improves the worker’s output, hence increasing the production of the companies and allowing it to compete favorably with its competitors.

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The servant leadership also executes foresight and prediction of future happenings. Having a servant leader who can foresee and predict what the future may entail is an advantage to a company or organization. The leader is supposed to predict trends expected in the industry in which the company works under (Davenport, 2014). This will give the company a humble time preparing for the future hence remaining in a good position to compete with the competitors. The leaders may also identify opportunities that may arise in the future and hence preparing to snatch them for the company’s development. The passion and ambitions that the servant leader has is a benefit to the company. They feel empowered and are able to motivate the workers to perform their duties. This also makes them work extra hard in order to achieve the objective they have set. (Chiniara, 2017). This also helps them to persevere during hard times, hence keeping the company in good tracks in terms of competition.

Servant leaders also enhance the growth of the institution. When they have a clear outline of the company’s vision and the mission, they are able to put in place measures that will help the company to achieve goals. They also build a strong and competent workforce who delivers high-quality goods and services hence improving the general outlook for the company. (Chiniara, 2017)When they train and educate their workers they improve their production which in turn initiates the growth of the company or organization. Examples of companies that have thrived due to servant leadership include; Balfour Beatty which is a construction company and has a servant leadership center, The Container store, Marriott International which thrives under the policy of serving to customers as well as employees, (Sivasubramaniam)Starbucks and Nordstrom’s.

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