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It was a qualitative research that was aimed at providing answers to the roles of the consultation that are carried out in the professional helping activities. The research was also recorded in the tapes to enable provide some evidence that may be required in the future. The research was done on some seventeen members, and these members included the doctors, the nurses, clinical psychologists, case, the managers and other members who are involved in the professional helping. The information that was obtained could only be used for future uses but could not be generalized since it was a qualitative data. The study and research have got much importance since many people will understand the role of consultation in the helping professionals (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2005).

Consultation in the Healthcare

It is all about getting to understand the patient, and this is through first identifying the needs of the patient, then the patient is given an opportunity where they can be able to express the challenges that they are facing and the prognosis are carried out to provide solutions to the patients. The respondent has been a medical doctor and a general practitioner with a vast experience both in the United States and India (Fox, Myers, & Pearlman, 2007).

The importance of the consultation in the field of healthcare would be first to ensure that the patient have got consent to any of the practices that are being carried out such as operations. This is a tool for them also to be provided with the proper counseling services, and this is especially those patients that are under the hospice care. It will also enable the patients to select the best method which they would use to settle their bills after admission and treatment. The main recommendation would be that the practitioners should employ good communication skills to make their patients understand their activities. Through the proper communications, the patients can express themselves to the healthcare provider and get the appropriate assistance that would be required for them to recover fast.

Consultation with a Psychiatrist

In Psychiatrist, consultation would be where people will come to you and ask some question and then you would give some recommendations to their needs. The respondent, Mr. Sinai, is one of the Psychiatrist who works under a private clinic. Consultation for example, to a parent whose child is involved in the Substance Abuse, would require a lot of liaison and follow up (Schein, 1999). He advises the parents to take the child to rehab and also have some detoxification. The consultation does not end there, but he engages the parents to learn about the progress of the child. He also offers them with some reading materials that is both online resources and also books. Consultation at other instances may be ignored by those who are offered, but the expert should not take it personally. The expert who offers consultation should handle only that which he/ she can and in other cases refer the patients to the relevant persons.

Consultation with a Psychologist

An interview with Nancy Briggs who is a Psychologist based in New York. She has practiced psychology for ten years and has been licensed for a clinic for six years. Consultation for her involves having competence in the delivery of the services and the interactions with the clients. In the consultation for example, for a psych patient, all the parties must decide on to whether the patient will get the appropriate services and the next move in the patient treatment. The decision does not lie with any single member, and all the member have to be in consultation with each other on the way forward. This process will enable proper decisions to be made in regards to the patient’s performance. The main recommendation is that to achieve the best one also has to be the best in the field, and in this helping professional the advice from the experts is vital.

Consultation with a Registered Nurse

Consultation is the first stage to know what the patient is in need of and after this, the next step would involve coming up with some solutions to help the patients. For a nurse, after observing that a patient has got some changes in the levels of his behavior. The nurse would then involve the patient to enquire about the situation and after this get some orders from the doctors on the next move (Fox, Myers, & Pearlman, 2007). The importance of the consultation is that the nurse can learn on the situation of the patient and seek the appropriate assistance. The recommendation would be that the nurse should be able to learn and observe the body language of the patient to provide efficient and effective services to the patients.

Consultation with a Psychiatric LMSW

In this sector, consultation would be providing some expertise information to some people who have got lesser knowledge and experience in the given field and subject. The example of a young girl who has been couch surfing throughout the homes of the family members and thrown out at the age of 19 years will need a lot of consultation to provide the needed expertise for them to be better in the future and live in harmony with other family members.  The psychiatrist should increase his knowledge, be networking with other people in the industry and also keeping up with the current trends in the market. This will enable improve the levels of the services that are provided to the customers (Schein, 1999).

Consultation with a Psychiatrist Creative Arts Therapist

In this field, consultation would be a two way giving the advice to the patients and also gaining the advice to the same patients. It would mean that the physician can also learn from some of the experiences that are shared by the patients in their Therapeutic recreation activities. The most important thing is to ensure that the well-being of the patients is well taken care of for them to live a joyous life (Haylett & Rapoport, 1964). Through the consultation, the therapist can learn on how the progress of the patient is taking place, how the patients can cope up with the difficulties that may confront them in their lives. Having the patients come out their situation and be productive and come up with great success would be one of the ways to provide consultation to the therapist.

The therapist should always be up-to-date with the current trends in the field improve his level of education and these should be in the mental health. The therapist should also be able to communicate effectively with the patients, and also be able to network with other practitioners in the industry. This will enable him to provide effective and efficient services to the clients.

Consultation with an Ophthalmologist 

Consultation is a very important aspect in the field of mental health. This is because mental health is very important for the survival of the individuals and those around him. The consultation allows the counselors to be able to provide better quality service to the patients and also the other customers (Caplan, 1963).  Consultation can be defined as a response to some clinical questions and can be from some service providers. It will be a way to answer some clinical questions and provide some response. The consultations are often private and will provide the patients with an avenue to fully express their thoughts freely and comfortably. The consultant should there and then come up with a plan that best suits the needs of the given client to solve them. Effective communication between the consultant and the client would be good. The consultant should ensure that there is no language barrier by the use of an interpreter or use a language that is understood by both parties. This will enable the talk to be free and open and thus effective. The consultant should also listen to be patient to understand his needs. Some patients who have suffered from the mental ill-health have had a great weakness in expressing themselves to the doctors. Therefore, the consultant should be keen to listen, learn and come up with the solutions that are required. The mental issues are usually from events that have taken place in the life of the patient. It is very difficult to determine which event could have led to the mental ill-health. Therefore, the physicians should take their time to learn of the causes of the mental disability and provide appropriate solutions to the patients (Caplan, 1963).

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