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Biological theories of criminality

IntroductionBiological theories discuss criminality as a behavior, and they help psychologists to establish whether criminality is a learned behavior or an inborn behavior. Biological theories state…

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Subject: Health Care
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Alcoholism: the effects from a biopsychology perspective

According to the article under the title “Alcohol’s Effects on Brain and Behavior”, research of brain functions within the problem of alcoholism have achieved great results…

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Pitfalls and Difficulties of Substance Abuse Essays Writing

Any addiction is an inability to control your needs and wishes for certain substances. It is a serious disease that requires treatment, support, and supervision. But unfortunately, addiction is becoming younger, and today, we may meet adolescents that have already tried chemical drugs, marijuana, and alcohol. And it is a problem not only for separate people or families but also a social issue.

In their essays on substance abuse, students should try to reveal all the dangers of addiction, its negative impact on physical and mental health, and undesirable future consequences. Moreover, another challenge is searching for the latest surveys, polls, and research essential for such a topic.

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