Consumer Behavior Analysis

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A proposal of a kind of message appeal to be embraced in advertising and an explanation of the rationale behind the appeal

I will embrace the use of a rational appeal message as it is the most effective message that I can use. According to Han, (1994) the message touches functional, utilitarian and practical need of the product by the consumer. This kind of message is integral since it places precedence on the nature of the good or service, its characteristics, benefits that a customer gets by using the product as well as the myriad reasons for the need to get the product. In particular, men tend to place a lot of focus on what the consumer and the value they get after consumption of the product. The purchasing decision accrues both rational and emotional motives.

Analysis of the various cultures this product will appeal to and recommendation of the best choices

It is undeniably true that organizations spend millions of money to have an understanding of what makes their goods and services more consumable in their target market. Consumer behavior places precedence on situational, personal, psychological and social characteristics that influence an individual to buy a particular good or service. Having an understanding of consumer behavior is integral to any decision making. Some of the possible benefits that can be accrued from having an understanding of consumers include improving the services and goods offered by the company, targeting the right clients, gives the company a competitive advantage, offering satisfaction and value to customers and having an understanding of how the consumers perceive the firm’s products against the competitors. It also helps in applying approaches and strategies that positively influence customers.

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In a typical market segment, various customers have different cultural behaviors that influence their purchasing behavior. Cultural components have an association with cultural environment or cultures in which the consumer hails. It has been determined that consumers are largely impacted by the family, the environment, friends, and society which pay an important role in imparting different cultural values of life. It is of great significance for me as a consumer behavior analyst to have a good comprehension of the cultural factors that are present in a specific market. Cultural factors also influence the adaptability and market strategy that are used by an organization to make available its products to the market. The goods to be rolled in the market will be pegged on the different subcultures that will have an influence and define the usage of the good or service. In particular, the culture comprises of religion, ethnicity, age, nationality, and gender. To accrue the highest consumption of the good or service, it is integral to take into account all the various diversities that are present in the market.

Our product will focus on religion, ethnic groups and gender. These cultural factors have a more influence on the product. Various ethnic groups have varying preferences and tastes on particular products. This personal care product for the male market will attract divergent perceptions and gestures from its clients. Some of the things that the consumers will look into include; the scent, the content as well as the effect on the person using the product. For instance, strongly scented colognes are most likely to sell more in a particular ethnic group such as the Muslims than any other. It is, therefore, integral to have a good understanding of the various cultural needs of the consumers in every market segment.

Ways of utilizing group influence in the marketing of the product

People are inherently social beings. It is common for people to follow each other and influence one another in most of the things that they engage in. This shows that any activity consumption can be influenced by groups. Many consumers like to use reference groups to buy particular things (Bowen, 2015). Some of the ways that one can use for group influence in marketing a product is through the use of the below reference groups

Aspirational reference group:  These categories are mostly inspiration whereby an individual would consider to be associated with or follow in a given purchase trend. They are an inspirational to a lot of people in the society because of their success stories. They can be famous church leaders, athletes, war champions, and activists.

Using associate reference groups: This category of people stand for the realistic or present equal of the consumer needs. They are mostly the co-workers, club members, church members and the neighbors. Most of these people select trendy products that in most cases linked with a given class, group or society.

Use of dissociative reference groups: This group of people entails individuals that do not pose any influence on the people. A lot of the consumers will distance themselves from such people. For this given product, it dissociates itself from older people and therefore a lot of emphases placed on the youths.

Create a plan to address need recognition, search behavior, and getting the product into the consumers’ consideration set

The decision to buy something is a process that is essential to any person that is planning to come up with an effective marketing strategy. It is essential to understand how to improve the knowledge of the consumer buying decision. It is imperative to come up with a need and strengthen their relationship with consumers to grow the sales (Gamboa, 2014). The following are what I will carry out.

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Recognition of need: Before any purchase is made, there is the need to recognize a need to purchase something.  This is done through creating the need for the product and reinforcing it into the minds of the consumer through initiating the urge to purchase the product.

Creating brand awareness: Buyers have the limited selection when the brand of the products in the making is less involved in creating awareness to them. I will establish a top of mind awareness that will create a lasting image of the product in the minds of the consumers. Afterwards, I will give solid information about the alternative evaluation. Here, consumers are normally looking for exceptional information for the alternative evaluation. A lot of the information to the customers is regarded as efficiency, reliability, dependability and effectiveness of the product before the final buying decision is arrived. It will be imperative therefore to avail the brand information that will be competitive enough to win the customers

Finally, I will improve the customer shopping experience and relationship. This will play a role in making the customers to come back again and again thus creation of customer loyalty.

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