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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the strategy of a nurse in the chosen field of service they have chosen to specialize in. The background of this paper examines the qualification of the nurse in the nursing industry and the reason that the nurse has chosen the particular field that interests them in the area of advanced nursing. Of particular interest in this paper is the field of Diagnosis and Management of disease which essentially is the role of a higher level medical practitioner. This paper seeks to introduce the element of accountability in the Nursing program. It seeks to explain the reason for the nurse choosing this particular field. It also analyzes the various state legislation and requirement in the field of Advanced Nursing, and seeks to explain how these affect the nurse in their day to day practice in the field. The paper will also analyze the environment of the nurses’ work, seeking to outline the various strengths that the nurse possesses in the function and capacity of being an advanced nurse. It will also outline the various challenges that nursing practitioners face and the importance of their function in society. Lastly this paper seeks to provide accurate knowledge on the various processes of licensure and the various requirements that are necessary in Nursing.

Scope of practice

To begin with, the role of advanced Nursing requires that the nurse be conversant with various medical practice abilities in their state. These requirements change from state to state but are generally uniform. In Florida, the educational requirements in order to become an advanced nursed is a Masters in nursing (Furlong &Smith, 2015).

This requirement is fulfilled by testing of knowledge by a qualified supervisor in a medical facility such as a hospital. In regard to licensing, the Florida administrative board requires that the practitioner be a registered and licensed nurse in the state allowing for the nurse practice professional nursing. It also requires proof of issue in form of a certificate of advanced nursing (Furlong &Smith, 2015). The state also issues a protocol that is signed between the doctors and nurses outlining their functions and abilities. After these are observed, the license to practice as an advanced nurse is issued.

Regulatory requirements stated by the state include the name of the nurse, the address at which they shall perform their functions at and their general DEA number that shall be used as a tool for their identification. Also required is a description of the management areas that the nurse shall be responsible for and include a condition for the type of therapies and medicines the nurse is allowed to give. The environment of Florida is one that is filled with various threats that encounter the local habitants. Majority of the state is located around large water bodies and these help create a nightmare with various attacks from wildlife, diseases that are water borne and others that are spread by insects that exist around the wetlands. This is why Florida needs nursing practitioners to help with the large number of cases that are reported each year dealing with various healthcare issues. Limitations on the role of practitioners tend to mostly occur because of the barriers of legislation. One of these legislations is the various barriers that are placed on nurse practitioners limiting them from performing certain functions deemed for doctors. Another limitation faced is the uphill task of doing away with mandatory collaborative agreements that force APN’s to forfeit their independence of practice.

Personal Assessment

This assessment centers on my understanding of the nursing program and the important function of a nursed in a medical institution. Advanced nurses are higher in the hierarchy of nursing and thus have more responsibilities towards their patients.


My personal strengths in this field are in the field of patient diagnosis and observation. As a nurse diagnosing of ailments is important and care is taken when administering medicine and a nurse must be competent enough to know the ailment a patient is suffering from.

Personal Weakness

A major weakness is the lack of patience that I have as a nurse. This weakness is being worked on through the practice of meditation to slow the amount of time it takes to get to a point of anger and shorten the time i am in this state.

Objectives and goals

Objectives set in the beginning of the semester were the mastery of various medical terms .This objective has been realized through competent study of medical books and journals as well as the practice of these terms with my workmates. A second objective is the proper implementation of

Goals Met

I set the goal to become more mindful of the plight of patients especially the ones are often impatient and demand to be treated first. Through the adoption of yoga to achieve relaxation, patience and inner peace this has been achieved (Khalsa, Cohen et al, 2012).

Networking and Marketing Strategies

Advanced nurses often have a high demand in the country as their functions are more specialized and thus can take more responsibility in a hospital environment. Through various modes of social networking, nurses can often find employment in their chosen field of expertise (Blais, 2015). Nationally, the board of registered nurses helps nurses deal with the employment of registered nurses in their organization. There also exist a number of social sites such as Linked In that help nurses obtain gainful employment. Employers of nurses tend often to be Hospitals sand these have online correspondence accounts that suggest the application for nurses through the sending of their resumes to them.

Personal networking and the creation of networking sites can also help nurses find gainful employment. This utilizes the ancient method of word of mouth to hear among friends, family and professional colleagues about places one might get employment in the case of unemployment. This can be carried out further by the exchange of contact information from one nursing channel to another. The attending of company conferences, nursing events and hospital sponsored parties and mixers also an aide in the spreading of one owns abilities through the healthcare fraternity. This often leads to employment opportunities.

With the advent of social media, social sites have become a way in the modern life for potential employers to quickly determine the behavioral context of their employees. Although not mainly used for business, sites like Facebook and twitter help create an identity or self portrait of a potential employee and thus discreet profiles tend to be the most marketable (Blais, 2015). In the utilization of social media it is prudent that one uploads their accomplishments  and  shows that their social media profile has an awareness on the current events that deal with the particular field that thy exist in. This pushes marketability further.

Locally, there exist various programs and organizations that create an avenue for the employment of nurses these organizations are; The Florida Board of Nursing, This network organization brings the umbrella of nurses under the whole state and provides employment opportunities through their interaction with hospitals and other employers. The Florida Nurse Practitioners Network, this is a network that is comprised mainly of nurses. This network is a union that is aimed at maintaining the welfare of the nurses by looking out for their welfare. It also advertises or vacancies in the various hospitals through its website and also shows the qualifications needed to obtain work. The Northeast Florida Council for ARNP’s, this council is responsible for the accounting of the ARP’s in the northern part of Florida. It advertises the availability of advanced nurses to the surrounding hospitals and creates events to facilitate the mingling of advanced nurses to potential employers in the region. Lastly is The Advanced Practice Nurses Council of Southeast Florida, it is similar in scope and function to the activities of its counterpart with the exception that it further deals with other organizations outside the state. This helps create employment for nurses that are locally trained from Florida into other states throughout the country.

There also exist various marketing strategies to enhance a nurse’s ability to gain employment. The first one is Specialization (Orem et al, 1995). Advanced Nurses are often specialized in their various functions and this helps them maintain successful careers. However, there is further specialization that can be achieved through Ph.D. programs that further train nurses in their chosen field of specialization. This training creates an avenue for trained nurses to be observed as physicians in the completion of their duties. Secondly is the utilization of various specialty tests administered by medical practitioners to show their proficiency in superior clinical skills and thereby including them in their resumes. This creates a bigger chance for a nurse to prove themselves as competent.

The selection of the above strategies for marketing in the nursing profession is highlighted in this paper because of their high rates of success in the attainment of gainful employment by nurses. Social media helps in a big way in determining who to employ through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Another important utility is the advent of various networking organizations whose sole purpose is to look after nurses’ welfare through various means like lobbying and advocacy for the creation of jobs in times of scarcity. These are both local and national and are wide in scope. Lastly is the introduction of ways of further improving one’s own set of skills as a nurse in order to separate oneself from the pack of nurses with similar qualifications. This ultimately leads to better chances of employment.


This developmental plan is a gateway to the achievement of my certification as an advanced nursing practitioner. Through the utilization of the key networking elements that have been highlighted in the above paper bring together the entire program to fruition. This developmental program also shows the functions of nurses in a hospital setting outlining the various problems that are faced by nurses. It helps clearly define the processes that are put into the attainment of an advanced nursing license. This comes together to create a portrait in what it takes to become a nurse in the country at the present. The general consensus throughout the paper outlines the various rewards that are obtained from the APN program. As a nurse, the functions of a nurse are to take part in the care and safeguarding of life. Advanced nursing gives a person the ability to fulfill this role in a better capacity. This is compounded by the fact that a practitioner deals better in person with the patient at this level even with the ability to prescribe medication. This paper lastly outlines the process of achieving advance nursing from the normal registered nurse through the inclusion of higher degrees and various certificates portrayed in the resume.

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