Cosmetic plastic surgery has positive psychological and physical effects on a woman

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Cosmetic surgery is one of the most useful and crucial medical procedure across the globe that gives one’s body a second chance to look normal and make it more beautiful. Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures have become more popular in the recent years, particularly among specific demographics. The reason behind the rise in cosmetic surgery is because of the enhancements made in the cosmetic industry (Ashikali, Dittmar, & Ayers, 2017). Currently, there is a range of procedures to choose from, more methods to attain anticipated results, more clinics penning across the globe decrease in the cost of surgery in some parts and higher surgery success levels. Certainly, there are various fundamental psychological reasons that inspire individuals to undergo these procedures (Oranges, Schaefer, Haug, & Schaefer, 2016). Consequently, cosmetic plastic surgery has positive psychological and physical effects on women.

Despite cosmetic surgery being looked at in a negative light by the society, many people who have undergone surgery have returned to their everyday lives with positive psychological changes. Mental health specialists have shown that psychological effects experienced by patients primary dependent on their set aim before the surgery. Therefore, patients show a lot of enjoyment in life and have an improved self-esteem after their physical appearance is surgically altered. Indeed research shows that most people who have had surgery not only enhance their self-esteem but also makes them bodily feel well (Geliebter et al, 2015). For example, when a woman undergoes a breast decrease surgery it can relief a woman’s back to feel recovered. The breast if huge can feel hefty and may cause poor deportment. Additionally, it yanks on the back muscles and can lead to incredible amounts of discomfort for ladies. Breast discount aids women to feel healthier, fixes their carriage, and lets them to live a normal, and a satisfying life.

Most women are self-conscious about how they will appear in the future. As a result, women self-conscious towards their body image affects their psychological and psychosocial social interaction esteem, sexual relationships and self-worth. When people grow old their body displeasure rises and to enhance body self-image, and appreciation people prefer to undertake cosmetic surgery processes (Markey, & Markey, 2015). The psychosomatic result from beautifying surgeries has a connection with the outcome on psychosocial or social factors convoluted with one who has undertaken cosmetic surgery (Markey, & Markey, 2015). These factors comprise work, sexual and social relations. Patients who have undertaken amplification mammaplasty testified a perfection in their sexual interactions. Such people who have had positive result from there cosmetic surgical procedure had increased self-esteem, thus resulting in more social relations.

Conversely, other than cosmetic plastic surgery having positive effects on women it also has negative effects too. Cosmetic surgery may have a negative effect on a woman’s marriage if the spouses fail to agree on undertaking the operation. The hubby may selectively consider that the spouse is getting breast implantations to raise her attraction to other guys, for instance. On the other hand, a spouse may get breast implantations at her man’s reinforcement and may always wonder if she was not “decent enough” as she was. Plastic surgery may cause unexpected beauty botches. (Nuzzi, Firriolo, Pike, Cerrato, Webb, Faulkner, & Labow, 2017), argue that every time one interferes with their body’s balance, they risk crafting fresh problems. Liposuction can trim one problem part and create a different one. Women who draw fat from their thighs as well as lower belly eventually destroy those fat cells. At last, when they gain weight back on, it dispenses unequally.

In my opinion, cosmetic plastic surgery has positive and negative effects on women physical and psychology. The difference between the positive and negative experience of the surgery depend mainly on an individual’s expectation how much one invests in the decision and the support they receive afterwards.

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