Criminology Reflective Essay


At the beginning of the course work, it was challenging to point at what my interest was correct.  By then, the class was broad, and it had many opportunities to choose from leaving students confused on which one to pick. While we’ve continued further in our studies, my curiosity and interest have narrowed down to one career. Research has it that criminology is broad and has many careers to choose from as elaborated by Morgan, (2000.). What interests me most about criminology is the fact that it is a course dedicated to improve society and create a co-existence in the society. Evidently, with the discovery of many things in the 21st century the crime scene has evolved as well. The course work has not gone through a revision to cover some of these new careers in criminology. This aspect gives me confidence that my job is sufficient for my community and I am hopeful that my dream of having to serve my community will come to pass.

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While joining criminology, my dream was to create a firm that gives second chances to people whose decisions have seemed hard to recover from. The only reason I feel fulfilled with this idea is that it changes a life one at the time. That chance that criminology offers to give people a last chance to make something good out of themselves illuminates my passion. This will prove that everyone was born with a purpose in life despite the weaknesses they exhibit while living life. The ultimate career I will start from is a collection officer as advised by Editors, (2016).

A collection officer is in charge of law and order in collection centers as shown by Roufa, (2017). As opposed to popular belief, it’s clearer to look at collection centers from a different angle. The different perspective I view collection centers from creates an opportunity for me to have a chance to influence someone’s life. This is the opportunity to help individuals find themselves from their pain. The pain that people pass through in life is meant to make them stronger. This is so as, most beautiful things in life that have taken the greatest honor from different people in the world were birthed from the moments of discomfort and pain.

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At the collection center that is an opportunity to meet many individuals who have a chance of making something good out of their lives. The collection center I am particularly interested in is the juvenile where the inmates have many opportunities to learn from. My inspiration is to help those minors understand who they are in life and what they should found their selves on so that they can make the right choices. The right decisions propel someone into their destinies. Basically, the only way to influence anyone’s life is by changing their mindset because this will directly affect how they make a decision.

Through criminology, I have learned on how to train people and change their mindset as explained by Weisburd & Warin, (2001.). The first and easy way is by cultivating a reading culture amongst people. The power of information cannot be underestimated for its through information that people understand themselves and can deeply integrate what they are actually doing. So, my primary goal in the long-run is to begin libraries with books in them that teach people on how to live life. There is no recipe to living life, but the wisdom that is inherent to history is worth trusting. Then, we will learn from people’s prior experiences of life and learn to train people on how to make the right choices. The reading culture will be cultivated through different motivations such as acknowledging the fastest reader and awarding those with the ability to envision their lives from the information they gather.

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