Death and Dying

Subject: Health Care
Type: Argumentative Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 238
Topics: Assisted Suicide, Emotions, Human Nature, Medicine

Dying well to most people means a measure of control to where and how we die. The last moments of a person can be as important as the first ones. Death is a journey rather than a specific moment. No one wants to die too soon or alone. In view of Jims and Vickie’s videos, successive dying is one in which a person is cognitive of the surrounding and is in midst of loved ones (Perez, 2009).  In this study, what a good death pertains and the concept of physician assisted suicide are discussed.

A good death is one in which a person just goes into sleep with less pain both physical and emotional. At this point, one is at peace with self. Circle of support is important in this case. Both Jim and Vickie are in their families’ company during their dying moments. Patients are at peace and in control of decisions concerning their transition.

The concept of physician assisted deaths is evident in the videos. The decision is reached when there is nothing medical that can be done to improve the life of the patient. The aim in this case is to end the suffering. Patient makes a verbal request that is approved by family members. This kind of suicide when used within the legal framework provides a death with dignity and is said to be ethical. At the end of life therefore, one can either hasten death occurrence or peacefully wait for the moment. In each case, death is a journey rather than a moment.

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