Unit 3: Assignment Pipeline


Today’s job market has a huge demand for the nurses.  The need for health care is growing every day and there is a need to encourage more people to join the nursing profession. There are many reasons which deter students from enrolling to the nursing schools one of them being the high school fees. A low or middle level parent enrolling their children to these schools may be a huge burden hence they may prefer other cheaper courses. Other people do not recognize the importance of having large number of nurses, while others fear that nurses are subjected to harsh working conditions such as working for long hours and underpaid. There is also a group of people who have some disabilities of have special need and they feel they cannot fit in the nursing school. It is my pleasure to be requested by our dean of students to come up with a pipeline program to increase the number of nursing students from undeserved, underrepresented, low income and women. Generally, people from these groups either do not under stance the importance of nursing as a career while others such as the low income earners cannot afford the fee. Many Women from these populations perform well in biology, mathematics, and literature which are the core subjects for one to join the nursing profession but they have not been empowered enough to join this career.

Target audience

I will mainly target the high school students from the minority communities especially those who are about to graduate.  Moreover, I will focus on the students who have graduated from high school but have not joined college yet due to financial problems.  Before staring any program, it is always good to have a target group in mind to facilitate the effectiveness of the program according to (Quinn, et al 2011). Having target groups also helps in planning the project leading to success. This program is scheduled to take approximately five months. It will start in August and end in December.  My aim will be to admit as many students as possible in January.  In duration of five months, I will have convinced as many students as possible to join the nursing college. Additionally, the exercise will be expensive and time consuming. I cannot do this alone and I will need a team of 10 people because it will be a technical exercise. The team has to be paid, and will also need to be facilitated with transport since we will be targeting some institutions which are far from our location. 

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Source of income 

Andersen et al, (2009) states that every project requires money. I will visit the local government officials and explain to them on my project. This is a project which will help the community and nation as a whole hence we need their support. I will also organize for a fund rising where every member of community will be invited and I will use the chance to call more people to join the nursing schools. I will also print card which I will distribute to my friends. The card will be sold at a minimum of $200 each. With 1000 cards, I will collect lump sum which will be of great help.

Teaching Strategies to meet the needs of diverse population

Having mobilized many students to join the college, we will receive diverse population in the school. Every student will have his/her own needs from the ESL students, those with physical disabilities, those from discriminated communities among others. However, every student must be taken care of according to Wilkinson et al (2009) if fostering people into a program has to be successful. First I will have to study all students to understand their needs, by dealing with them one by one. This may take some time since some students may hide who they really are. Secondly, I will give the students a chance to socialize and learn about each other. That will help them appreciate each other. Additionally, I will invite diverse human resources to mentor them, and that will add a great value to accepting each other. Thirdly, I will be very keen while forming groups. I will ensure that each need in the class has been represented in every group. Most importantly, I will offer different tests to different students depending on the need of that student. Generalizing the tests may discourage the students. However, there will come a time when all will have a common test. 

Influences to increase minority in the health care

 The students who could not enroll to college because of financial matters will be offered sponsorship by the college for the first and second year. However they will take some odd jobs in the college for the two years. Some of these jobs will include arranging books in the library, helping in cleaning building and cooking among other jobs. For the student who will be facing psychological problems, they will be provided with counselors who will offer them therapy. Those with physical disabilities will be assisted accordingly such as providing wheelchairs to students who cannot walk. The general influence is to explain the importance of nursing as a profession to all. This will require me to visit high schools and talk to students, and visit those who have graduated, one by one in the places they live.   The women will be encouraged to pursue the course because most of them do well in the profession. Women have kind and big hearts, and they are good at taking care of people. 

Recruitment measures 

It is always good to have a limit for everything. Heller & Nichols (2001) says that nurses have to be good at in almost all aspects. For a student to qualify in our pipeline program, there are some requirements expected of him/her. The main is that they should be from a marginalized society. Secondly, they must have attained B- and above in their high school. They will be required to have a high school certificate. Each student will be required to go through a medical college admission test, career shadowing as well as pass through an interview successfully. All these measures will ensure that we have picked students who are ready to provide competent nursing practices and represent their communities. After the students have been recruited, they will have to learn the theory part of nursing before the practical part of it which will be done through job shadowing. The student is expected to retain a grade of B- unless with a good reason to keep up with the program.

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