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The Search for Permanent Cure for Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases. Role of Alternative Medicine in Healthcare 

Abject surrender to the medical practitioner by the patient when something goes wrong with one’s health is the normal practice. As such doctors are thriving and sickness is also thriving. Treatment for diabetes is one of the much exploited areas by the medical fraternity and so far allopathic medication has failed to provide a permanent cure for this imbalance in the body. Formulate your own strategy to tackle diabetes. For every imbalance in the human body there is a corresponding remedy provided by Nature through its flora and fauna. Holistic and self-awareness healing is the genuine intervention to tackle the deficiencies of modern Western medicine. On the basis of my reading (Taplin, 2017), self-study and application of the natural curative options, I give below the listing of the recommendations as to how to defeat diabetes. Even though this memo particularly highlights diabetes, lifestyle changes and other merits of the alternative medicines are applicable to treat most of the ailments. 

3 Recommendations to defeat diabetes and other ailments and the basis for the recommendations 

  1. Live traditionally and change your lifestyle 
  2. Meditation is more significant than medication. Emotional health is as important as the physical health; be cheerful.  Exercise is not a concession for the body. It is an obligatory duty.  Talk less and walk more daily for 40 minutes.
  3. Take time to introspect the power of your immunity. Do not eat under pressure or persuasion. Before eating, introspect “Should I eat this? Is this stuff ever good for me?”
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  1. Western medical treatment is based on the use of medications and surgical procedures to treat the symptoms. Holistic treatment goes to the root cause of the problem and looks at the total body health. There is no disease for which there is no cure! Only we need to know the root cause of the disease. This can be explained through an example. By spraying repellants, you kill the mosquitoes. You get some relief, and after sometime you find the mosquitoes zooming around again. Repellant is not the solution for eradication of the mosquitoes. The root cause of mosquito breeding is filth. Remove the filth, and you will find mosquitoes getting eradicated permanently. Similarly, diabetes needs to be treated by going to the root causes of is origination! The focus during the investigation of a patient’s problem is not on a particular symptom or the body part. Patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health are given due consideration. The approach is all-natural.  Only remedies found in nature are used. Nature is complete and faultless. Only our understanding about its working is incomplete and imperfect. One understands the importance of proper lifestyle when one is confronted with an ailment. One must own scientific approach to consumption of food items. Anything that is craved by the taste buds is not the proper food. Modern medical science is still treading the path of research. Any incomplete researches will not provide the complete search. Today’s final versions on the cause and remedy for the disease may become outdated soon, and new findings may contradict the earlier versions.
  2. Alternative medicine identifies stress and lifestyle choices that can adversely influence health. The dietary choices are important. Physical exercise, rest and recreation, biological well-being is important. These are some of the aspects taken into consideration when diagnosing health problems. Fear and agitation, the traits normally found in an ill-informed patient, are unhelpful to define the line of treatment. Understand the disease, and develop a proactive attitude towards its management.
  3. In holistic treatment, the importance is on training and prevention to start with.  A number of merits go to the credit of this mode of treatment which is an authoritative and vital addition to the Western mode to tackle the ailment.  Holistic treatment allows you to share and take charge for your health, providing more choices. Do not eat anything under persuasion, pressure and compulsion of your friends and relatives as it happens in birthday, marriage parties and other social functions, as none of the gentlemen will be allowed to visit you in the intensive care unit of the hospital. To remain hanging on the ventilator is an ugly sight and a painful experience for anyone. Eating is not fun. It is the celestial application of energy as the body is endowed to one by divine grace and one is not the absolute owner but the caretaker of the physical apparatus awarded to you by the five elements. Difference in the strength of a body at the age of 25 and the body at the age of 45—there is going to be a marked difference. Respect this inevitability of the aging process and do reorientation in your lifestyles according to the need assessed by you and on the advice of your medical practitioner. When your mindset and lifestyles are changed you are already on the first step of the ladder of controlling the ailment. Bernard Shaw said, “Your food is your grave!” What you eat is no doubt important; but how you eat, what you eat is more important. Apart from regular medication, regular food habits matter a lot. Eat wisely, eat the appropriate and never relax your food-discipline. You certainly cannot afford deterioration in the state of your health. With my own experience of tackling diabetes and on the basis of discussions I have had with my friends, the fellow-sufferers with diabetes, I have no hesitation in making the statement that Western medication is not going to checkmate diabetic imbalance on a permanent basis. On the contrary, it may raise further serious complications and result in side-effects. Food regimen suitable for a particular type of constitution may not be suitable for another type. This is an important aspect that differentiates holistic medicine from Western system of medicine.  


 The problem of diabetes or any ailment can be solved only by finding a suitable solution. Brooding over the fact that you have diabetes will not help in any way. Do not invite emotional difficulty over an issue, over which you should not worry at all. You are doing your best. Physical exercise, changed food habits, proper medication—these are the best solutions to challenge diabetes and other ailments.   Worrying will not help the cause. Be strong-willed and maintain your poise. If you are a spiritually-inclined person, you will have lots of inner strength. Alternative medicine offers a great option for treatment modalities when used safely.   I urge the Managers of Health Care Facility of our organization to appoint an expert committee to decide the modalities to introduce alternative medical treatments and make it a permanent feature of the healthcare facility. 

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  1. Taplin, J. (2017). Move fast and break things: How Facebook, Google, and Amazon cornered culture and undermined democracy. New York: Little, Brown and Company.
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