Patient Satisfaction on Emergency Room Care

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Quality emergency service is often indicated by the patient’s satisfaction rate. The emergency departments(ED) are often overcrowded with long waiting time in the waiting room, these experiences have lowered the quality of the patients’ experience and satisfaction. The quality of emergency healthcare service is directly linked to the role of nurses. Therefore, service provision from the nurses would affect quality satisfaction of the patients.


Satisfaction is associated with quality of care provided by ED. A satisfied patient would often leave the hospital with a positive perception, he or she is less likely to complain or file suits against the institutions (Wright, Causey, Dienemann, Guiton, Coleman, & Nussbaum, 2013). Therefore, enhancing patient’s satisfaction would improve the working relations between the ED personnel and the patients. According to Wright, Et al., Close relationship with the patients enable the nurses to note any complaints from the patients thus addressing them directly(2013).

Patients’ expectation would often determine the satisfaction of the healthcare provider (Yarnold, 2013). In most emergency cases, when such expectations are met the patients tend to perceive the emergency service as quality (Wright, Et al., 2013). Treatment and behavioral attitudes of the nurses toward patients correlate to the likelihood of patients returning to the ED for treatment. The research conducted on ED nurses by Plant & White, shows that the nurses’ attitude toward psychiatric patients has affected the treatment approach to patients who require prolonged assessment (2013). Therefore, the positive approach from the healthcare providers improves the satisfaction rate of the patients. Furthermore, the nurses can influence the patient’s satisfaction rate through communication.


The patient’s expectation should be addressed through communication and positive relations with the ED personnel. Issues such as wait times would affect the patient’s satisfaction rate. Therefore, the healthcare management should outline interventions that address the needs of the patients who are less satisfied with emergency care.

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