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Topics: Sustainability, Management

Sustainable development is achieved when the mining sector integrates practices that lower the environmental impact that may result from mining operations. Therefore, for this society to achieve this objective, it must engage professionals who have the skills and experience in the mining sector. The reason is that mining is one of the major contributors of global warming. In addition, if the necessary measures are not put in place, the society will suffer from air, noise, and water pollution (Jarvie-Eggart, Society for Mining, Metallurgy, & And Exploration (U.S.), 2015). As a result, they should elect a committee that will be mandated with the management of the non-renewable resource. The committee will develop a plan that will be used to vet potential companies that will mine the resource. The committee will be made of professionals from different fields. This will be important in ensuring that the interests of the community are well represented. 

The committee will develop a details plan on how resources will be used to ensure that the society develops optimally. This will prevent any form of conflict which will create room for unprofessional practices that will affect the environment. A well drafted strategy of waste management will be put in place. This will be critical in ensuring that all hazardous materials are disposed effectively. The values and mission of extraction will be developed to act as a guiding principle towards the practice (Field, 2016). This will prevent the miner from trying to maximize profits at the expense of the environment. Legal minds will also be involved to ensure that the process abides with the law of the land. Overall, the society should be engaged in all decision making processes. This will ensure that the interests of the society are incorporated, therefore, ensuring that mining is sustainable and the future generation will benefit from the resource. 

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