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Subject: Nutrition
Type: Descriptive Essay
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Topics: Fast Food, Food, GMO, Innovation, Weight Loss

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Dietary trends and nutrition, science is important in determining needs of the human body for its optimal functionality (Eat right, 2011). The dietitians focus at micro and civic health nutritionists on macro levels (Food insight, 2011). Furthermore, physiology and psychology are core factors that have altered nutrition roles (Choose my plate, n.d).

Food choices, there has existed the development of food habits over the years basing on presence and gains in both durability and health (Spark People, 2012). Geography plays a role in food choices since it is transported across borders (American Diabetics Association, 2012). Additionally, persuasion stems from sources of food, and society (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2010).

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Food choices: Economics, sources of malnutrition and hunger comprise of unemployment, and unavailable contact to resources (Drewnowski & Damon, 2005). Those at high risk of malnutrition and hunger include low income women and the homeless (Nestle Nutrition Institute, n.d). Additionally, malnutrition effects consist of weak immune functionality, and limited energy (Oregon State University Extension, 2012).

Food choices: Foodborne illnesses, food poisoning, and food infection are sicknesses resulting from the availability of toxins in food and organisms (Center for Disease Control, 2012). These are prevented through the application of thorough hygiene application (Center for Disease Control, 2012). Furthermore, raw food is best handled while in proper refrigeration for storage (US National, Library of Medicine, 2012).

Genetically engineered foods, these are plants whose genetic characteristic has been scientifically distorted through the use of fresh genetic substances (Natural News Network, 2008). The Food and Drug Administration is the primary regulator of new foods and additives (Biotechnology Industry Organization, n.d). Risks of biotechnology includes allergens between non-genetically and genetically tailored foods (Bionet, n.d).

The organic food movement gives additional financial stability compared to traditional farming methods (Environment Working Group, 2012). Consumers are confident of unswerving standards for produced, certified and processed goods by the National Organic Program Act (Organic Trade Association, 2012). Furthermore, organic farming practice details the use of green manure, and crop rotation (Organic Trade Association, 2012).

Global food markets, this shows the sluggish food pressure group of Petrini’s objective intended to educate consumers on the options beyond establishments for instance fast food (Slow Food Columbus, 2012). The “McWorld” cultural advertising is the most consumerist and homogenous culture created by economic globalization (International Monetary Fund, 2008). Additionally, oversea food markets have been openly impacted by the fast food industry through obesity (Health Education Service, 2012).

Contemporary weight loss programs, obesity treatment presently has six medications, which include phenteramine, diethylpropion, phendimetrazine, benzphetamine plus sibutramine and orlistat for short term and long term use (Spark People, 2012). Patients diagnosed with obesity should possess a BMI of over 40 to access surgery (Mayo Foundation, 2012). Additionally, complementary medicine weight reduction is the only option besides medication and surgery (Center for Medical Weight Loss, 2012).

The diversity of food choices, healthy diets could be satisfied with a collection of different foodstuffs for extra nutrients (FAO, 2010). There are some ethnic and racial groups that are at a high danger of developing specific persistent conditions (USDA, 2012). Furthermore, it is evident that food models have improved due to climatic and agricultural factors (American Society for Nutrition, 2012).

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Appendix: A

In the last eight years, there has been a strict follow up of a vegetarian diet. Being a vegetarian implores me to consume plenty of rich greens vegetables, natural fruits, and its juices. Eating alternatives sources of proteins largely minimize intake of excess fats in the diet. In general, my guidelines on a diet align with modern nutrition standards. On the other hand, the primary influence on my physical activities and food preferences are personal commitment to exercise and healthy feeding. It has allowed the adequate loss of weight and its sustenance. Below is the personal nutrition analysis and physical activity report.

Appendix: B

The chosen community is the Vietnamese. Dry and crumbled rice is the staple food. The minor quantities of fish and beef, as well as eggs and vegetables, are supplements. The Vietnamese utilize minimal amounts of oil while cooking. They consume fruits for instance mangoes, bananas, and papayas. They also drink minimum quantities of milk whilst drinking vast amounts of coffee without sugar and warm green tea. For breakfast, the Vietnamese have light soup, chicken, green tea, boiled eggs, rice noodles, lean beef slices, and greens. Lunch consists of vegetable dishes, meat, rice and tea. The same food is prepared for dinner but in smaller proportions with snacks consisting of clear soup and fruits.

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