Drones and Privacy

Subject: Law
Type: Exploratory Essay
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Topics: Human Rights, Drones, Law Enforcement

Problem Statement

In the recent past, the technological developments experienced in developed countries have deliberately got to the extent of the development of drones. Initially, the drones were especially used for military purposes and other security-related activities. However, the use of the drones has delved into other civil uses; through which different state agencies, corporations, and individuals use them for both economic and social purposes, such as surveillance, photography and videography. However, besides these positives attached to the use of the drones, there are vast cons that are attained in the course of time. As per this study, the core negative attached to this relates to the infringement of the basic right to privacy for residents in the area to use. The problem, in line with this, is significantly associated with the low prices that these aerial machineries fetch. The problem at hand, thus, is the significant infringement of the basics rights to privacy due to the increased attainment and use of the drones, a case that relates to the low prices of this machinery.

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Management Dilemma

Following the problem statement as highlighted above, it is evident that management of the problem experiences a dilemma. Resolution of the dilemma at hand will eventually lead to an amicable solution, which is the intent of the staged research. On one hand of the dilemma is the course for the freedom of expression, where, the owners of the drones claim to have them for personal activities, including economic activities. Further, the course of this is based on the friendly prices that the machinery has. Contrary to this phase, the other facade of the dilemma concerns privacy rights. In the view of this, the use of these surveillance elements tends not to know boundaries and jurisdictions and hence tends to always break the limits when in use. Through this, the security of the background individuals is compromised with, especially in the sense of annoying monitory or in another case, spying on the people blatantly. Besides these, there is another concern over the security of the entire component, since it is prone to accidents that may be experienced through damages by different environmental factors. Additionally, the drones may become target objects for theft, a case that leads to compromise of the data that may have been collected and saved by the devices.

Objective and Purpose of the Research

Technically, there exist different takes on innovation, ranging from a realization of major design faults for the component at hand. Through analysis of different sources, it is evident that different enhancements are to be done on the drone for effective productivity and industrial reliability. In the view of this matter, the main objective of the research will be to analyze the reliability of the current device and the efficiency thereof in regards to public use and acceptance by the public. Similar to this objective is an analysis of the projected threats and possibilities linked to the use of the drones, especially in a public setup.

Research Questions

  1. What threats and opportunities exist in association with the use of the drones?
  2. What are legal parameters there regarding the use of drones internally as well as along and across borders?
  3. What are security measures posted as with purchasing and maintenance of the devices?
  4. What safety precautions do owners of the elements post concerning the use of the drones?


The research study will exploit different secondary sources with respect to the topic at hand; the use of drones and privacy. Through the exploitative research, concerns will be on different experiences that the public has had in line with the whole issue of the use of drones, both on the freedom of expression as well as infringement of the rights of the people. Additionally, the study will also seek to understand different legal frameworks that have been initiated to enable bring on a clear boundary between the measures at hand. To complement this study, a survey study will be done that will sample the views of different people on the use of drones in respect to the course of freedom of expression as well as privacy infringement. The sample survey will use questionnaires that will be analyzed to ensure the right information is captured.

Limitations of the Study

Due to the fact this is an educational research, different ends cannot be met due to the time frame at hand. For instance, it would be of great significance meeting with the manufacturers of these devices to inquire about the changes and innovations expected in the course of time. However, this may not be possible. A similar case may be for the case of seeking to know some of the international laws that govern the use of the drones. However, due to time limits, the case may not be as possible as proposed. Nonetheless, the research will seek to accomplish the objective posted and post cordial responses to the questions at hand. 

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