How discrete math is used in programming


Discrete math is normally used in programming. Some of the discrete math that are normally used in programming include the integers, logical statement, and also graphs. Discrete math are used in programming during specification of software design, when analyzing algorithms, and other programming applications. Therefore, it is considered to be a great tool that is used by programmers. Thus it is perceived to be a building block for programming languages.

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The discrete math allows the computer programmers to use the graphical theory. The graphical theory is an essential component of the discrete mathematics. The graphs are normally used in the process of setting up the relationship between different points where the objectives are found. The graphs are used to model this kind of the relationship (Hein 549). For instance, when the problem or the object has been defined, the scientist will use the discrete math so that they reach the selected point. The selected point can be reached through a process of traversing across the graph. Nevertheless, companies such as Google and Yahoo are using the graphical theory to make sure that they develop all their internet algorithms.

The discrete math is also used by the scientist in the process of creating the probability of an event happening. Probability is normally known as the odds which a particular event can happen. Therefore, it can be used to set up the algorithms which will be used to predict the occurrence of an event and on which occasions. A good software engineer is supposed to question everything that will come on his or her way. Therefore, it is vital to note that probability theory will be used as the tool used for asking the questions that comes to the minds of the engineers. Consequently, the engineer will have a chance of ensuring that the software which has been developed is able to question the occurrence of the events through the use of the probability theory.

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The recurrence is also used by the software engineers to develop programming materials. This is due to the reason that a computer program will normally see an important portion of its code that runs at approximately 20% for most of the time. The other 80% will happen after a period of time. Therefore, the 80%-20% rule will always lead to certain function in the system getting called most of the time (Grossman 2). On the other side, the 80% of functions that are remaining will not be called into functioning as often as the 20%. These are developed through the use of the Recurrences type of mathematics. The 20% of the function will recur on several occasions because they are required by the system. The remaining 80% will occur on fewer occasions compared to the ones found in 20 %.

Therefore, it is vital for the software developers to use the discrete math in the programming process. For instance, the math will enable the programmers to use the graphical theory. This ensures that the set objects are reached at through traversing of the graphs. From the discussion, discrete math are used in programming during specification of software design, when analyzing algorithms, and other programming applications like graphing theory.

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