Drought and the Fables of Tomorrow


The topic of climate change has been quite popular in various platforms in the civil society, governmental and academic platforms. It is clear from recent efforts that people are waking up to the realization that the climate of the earth is changing so fast and that humans have a hand at it. In this regard, many people are calling for a change in the way issues are undertaken and for people to change their actions to ensure that the earth is saved from the adverse effects of climate change. The current paper focuses on drought as a major issue in the topic of climate change in the world today. In relation to the topic, the current paper will analyse Rachel Carson’s Fables of Tomorrow with the aim of ascertain the perspectives that are being covered in the field of academia.

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The Issue of Drought

Drought is a situation that arises in the event that persistent dry weather brought about by the lack of rainfall leads to the scarcity of water in the environment. Drought has been one of the major issues of concern in the modern world given the adverse effects that it comes with. In most instances in which food insecurity has been reported, the main cause has always been drought (McMichael, Woodruff and Hales 860). Due to the long periods without sufficient rainfall, drought often leads to instances of failure of the different forms of life in the world. Several deaths of people, animals and plantation have been reported in areas where persistent dry weather has been recorded over a period of time. Given the cost incurred to deal with its effects, drought is viewed as a major issue of concern in the modern world and its cause has been detailed in several publications.

Most experts agree that human activities remain the major cause of drought in the world today. The continued deforestation without efforts to replant trees has led to many parts of the world being turned to deserts. Trees play an integral role in the rain patterns recorded anywhere in the world and without proper efforts to maintain forests, it is clear that the world is yet to see the worst of droughts. From the currently available expert view, if the specific efforts are not set up to address the issue of deforestation, many forms of life in the world will end up being destroyed and many organisms will be extinct in less than 50 years from now. It is then a call to action for every responsible individual to act and save the world from the effects of drought.

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Fables of Tomorrow and its Depiction of Drought

From Carson’s Fables of Tomorrow, it is clear that the effects drought in the world are all too clear for anyone to discern. In her narration, she explains that ‘the roadsides, once so attractive, were now lined with browned and 249 withered vegetation as though swept by fire.’ (Carson 2) From the statement, it is clear that the effects of drought on plants is dire and it is affecting all the other aspects of life has man has always known them. The phrase ‘The choice, after all, is ours to make (3)’ that she uses is clearly a call to action for all people to rise up and work to protect the environment from the adverse effects of drought. Finally, it is important for all people to come together and support each other in implementing changes aimed at curbing all the issues relating to drought.

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