Drug Use

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There are numerous causes as to why people experiment or turn to drugs and continue using them even when they understand the negative outcomes. These reasons differ with different kinds of drugs. Several reasons as to why people use drugs include pain relief, depression, peer pressure, escape from a sad reality, and others experimentation (Blair).

Some chronic illnesses recommend medical marijuana for pain relief. Even though the use of this type of drug in this situation is legitimate, the adverse effects are all the same. Another cause is an escape from a sad reality. Some people live a life that is agonizing and wish to escape from it. For example, family problems, financial issues, lack of acceptance (Tracy). Such situations force people especially young adults to turn to drugs since they put them in a different state of mind and help them forget their problems. There is also the issue of peer pressure from friends (“10 Reasons Teens Abuse Alcohol or Drugs”). If a teenager has friends who take drugs, he or she will feel compelled to do the same to fit in. This is one of the key causes that lead to substance abuse and addiction. Also, there is experimentation. Adolescence is referred to as experimental phase where teens experiment different things to learn for themselves, and one of them include drugs (Tracy).

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The effects of drugs are numerous, and they can be physical, emotional, mental, and social effects. Addiction, sickness, and even death are several of the significant effects drugs have on a person. In summary, there are many causes and effects of drugs and the ones mentioned above are the major causes and effects. The drug is a dangerous substance when used for the wrong reasons and discouraging its abuse would make the world a better place.

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