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An assessment of sustainable technology: electric cars

Search strategyThe search strategy employed for this research product mainly focused on using the keywords to generate criteria to locate relevant literature. Some of the most…

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Japan automobile industry

History of Japanese Automobile IndustryJapan is the leading giant in the manufacture of the automobile. However, 100 years ago this was not the case. The first…

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Driver-less and electric vehicle impact

Impact of driver less and electric vehicle on insurance industryAutonomous driving has much potential to change the way we live as much the car itself does….

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Pitfalls of Electric Vehicles Essay Topic and Writing

Electric cars are a new trend in car manufacturing. It gains popularity due to its benefits: financial and ecological. So, the main distinguishing feature of electric cars is that they do not use traditional fuels like gas, petrol, or diesel for their work. Instead, they use electricity. The first electric car that was launched in serial production was Tesla. It had a power reserve of nearly 320 km (200 mi). But the market is developing, presenting new and more low-cost variants for eco-friendly users.

So, if your teacher asked you to write an essay on electric vehicles, you should provide some research to prove the superiority of such cars over other traditional transport like trains or planes. Moreover, emphasize the positive impact of global warming partially resulting from exhausting fumes produced by transportation. In addition, you may also mention an alternative solution for those who are afraid not to find a charging station for their electric vehicle. There are hybrid cars that combine traditional engines and electronic motors.

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