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Subject: Sociology
Type: Exploratory Essay
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Word count: 308
Topics: Social Work, Parenting

In my reflection of module one resources a consideration of my future practice, I have noted with utmost importance that social work is about individuals who live in an ever-evolving society and culture. As a result, it is critical that all policies and measures enacted and implemented at different levels from the local institutions to the state to embody change (Jennissen & Lundy, 2011). In practice, it means that although most social workers can base their practice on altruistic values, only those who acknowledge the social, cultural, and environmental challenges that surround the individual at a specific location and time can have a significant effect on the society.

So far, I have thought about the correlation between natural resource distribution and social wellbeing. On one hand, I have noted that if social workers can focus on promoting equality, accessibility, and fairness in the distribution of basic and essential resources then they are bound to achieve their objective of promoting social wellbeing (Jennissen & Lundy, 2011). However, I have also noted discrepancies that are based on political, religious, and cultural variances even when natural resources are abundant to specific people groups. Thus, in the future, I hope to tailor my practice to the unique challenges affecting the people I serve without making unnecessary assumptions about what they need.

When I consider Cindy Blackstock’s comments, I am drawn to think about the modern legal injustices that various branches of government justify (Bennett, Blackstock, & De La Ronde, 2005). In particular, I think of the issue of immigration, which has resulted in the separation of families geographically, through deportation and imprisonment of parents leaving children who have become dependent on a state that considers them aliens. As a social worker, I hope I can discharge my duty without imposing my political views on the people who need my help.

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  2. Jennissen, T., & Lundy, C. (2011). One hundred years of social work: A history of the profession in English Canada, 1900-2000. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.
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