Environmental Awareness

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In the recent years, environmental degradation has been on the rise especially because of the increased human activities. As such, the natural surrounding has equally depreciated a factor that has had tremendous consequences on the global community. With that, there is need to establish an environmental awareness campaign that educated and informs people on the need of a clean and a healthy environment


The research adopts online resource such as websites and especially those that match the primary topic and subject while helping in gathering more data and information about the environmental awareness and especially in the United Arabs Emirates and in Abu Dhabi in specific. 

Background report

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is acknowledged as the ideology that conjures the importance and the responsibility of the global community to respect, preserve, and protect the natural surrounding from its anthropogenic afflictions. The effectiveness of this awareness calls for a comprehensive understanding of the extent to which the natural environment is fragile hence the need to take optimal care. While environmental awareness might seem as a complex task, its promotion is actually an easy way of being an environmental steward, which in this case facilitates the creation of a brighter future for generations to come (PachamamaAlliance, 2018). Therefore, environmental awareness should be made an integral part of the day-to-day activities, as it would significantly aid in the process of enlightening the global community on the things that are harmful and toxic to the natural surroundings (PachamamaAlliance, 2018). 

Environmental awareness promotion

Environmental awareness promotion is any initiative that favors the sustainability of a clean and a healthy environment from distinct entities including organizations and individuals. However, for this to be effective one has to have a comprehensive knowledge of the environment and the factors that have the capacity to ruin its well-being hence inflicting some challenges and discourse climatic conditions. By understanding the primary needs of the natural surrounding one is granted the mental know-how of promoting a sound and a healthy environment suitable not only for the current generations but also for generations to come. Normally, environmental awareness pursues many forms, which in this case range from environmental awareness symposiums, campaigns, and the media reports on matters environmental awareness. Such initiatives and platforms serve to educate and inform the vast demographics on the importance of having and living in a clean and a healthy natural surroundings. In addition, such initiatives and platforms also serves to warn people and especially those that are not sensitive about their negative contributions to the natural surroundings of the consequences that may result from such acts and the effects they would have to the general public and to the entire universe as a whole. 

Environmental issues

These are problems with the system of the natural surrounding such as water, air, and soil among many other factors. Normally, these issues or rather problems results from the human interference through the mistreatment of the natural surroundings. The mistreatment issues include oil spillage especially on soil or in water reservoirs, destruction of forests, destruction of biodiversity, and littering. If these factors are not carefully handled and controlled they in the long term leads to adverse change of weather and climatic patterns, which in this case results from the high global warming index. Hence, it is important that the global community is informed and educated on the necessity of a healthy natural surrounding through a robust environmental program. 

The avoidance of environmental issues

This entails adoption and implementation of factors and acts that would aid in controlling the the rampant environmental degradation. However, this action requires and calls for inclusivity and integration of the various stakeholder in order to realize the primary objective in a collective manner. Some of the factors that can be implemented to avoid environmental issues include the conservation of the biodiversity, conservation of marine life by avoiding oil spillage among other factors that degrades the marine life. More importantly, there should be an alternative fuel with the capacity of substitution the largely used fossil fuel, which one of the primary environmental degrading element. 

Proposal for research

The United Arab Emirates is serious on matters environmental awareness. In fact, environmental protection is one of the core objectives of the United Arab Emirates government (GAE, 2018). In its developmental course and policies, the government intends to conserve and increase the green areas in the region while creating an environmental awareness to the distinct demographical pool. Essentially, the government hopes to facilitate the environmental awareness initiative by improving the marine environment including but not limited to the creation, and development of water reservoirs and resources (GAE, 2018). 

On the other hand, environmental awareness is a matter of national interest in Abu Dhabi. As such, the government together with non-governmental organizations has initialized programs, which are solely committed to increasing the level of environmental awareness in the distinct demographical pool while educating them on the necessity of conserving the environment (ADAE. 2018). In doing so, the Abu Dhabi government primarily focuses on a variety of audience including the public, educational institutions, and the media (ADAE. 2018). 

Do ADMC students have a clear understanding of environmental awareness?

As stated earlier, the Abu Dhabi government has largely invested in mobilizing the distinct audience on matters environmental conservation and awareness. Some of the focus audience or rather the target groups include students among many others. 

How well do you feel that you understand global?

With the knowledge of environmental awareness and its importance not only in Abu Dhabi but also to the rest of the global communities makes me feel that I have a comprehensive and a detailed understanding. 

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Do you think that the condition of the environment will be?

Normally, with the present effort and commitment to conserving the natural surroundings, the environment will be safe and secure for everyone in the respective locations. 

What do you think specifically is causing the most harm to?

Essentially, most of the harm is caused by the fact that there has been rampant disposal of plastic bags and other toxic materials to the natural surroundings including but not limited to the sea among other natural bodies. This has adequately affected the biodiversity cycle. 

Do you think that human activity is contributing to any?

As a matter of fact, human activities are on the forefront of causing the hazardous environmental degradation, which has, in turn, had massive and negative effects to the global communities.  

Do you feel that all people around the globe are equally?

The effects of environmental degradation do not equally affect the people of the world. However, the effects are felt all across the globe in different proportions depending on how keen the respective populations are committed to conserving the natural world.  

How much do you think government regulations designed to?

The regulations are designed to guide and reinforce the necessity of conserving the environment while outlining the effective measures that should be taken to those who do not conform to the set regulations. 

Does ADMC offer any general environmental courses?

AMDC offers a general environmental course to the students, which makes them aware of the importance of conserving the environment. The institution also intends to launch an online course as a way of reaching out to quite a wide population. 

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Does ADMC have any eco-friendly clubs?

Owing to the offered environmental courses, ADMC has further geared the effort of environmental conservation through eco-friendly clubs. These are very critical in promoting the awareness.

Does ADMC promote any environmental awareness?

Clearly, through the general environmental course and the eco-friendly clubs, ADMC has effectively created awareness in regards to environmental conservation to the diverse populations including those that do not live in Abu Dhabi. 

Write one suggestion on how to increase the environmental

Essentially, one of the most applicable measures of creating and promoting environmental awareness is by mobilizing the distinct demographics and especially the youths and educating them on the need and importance of conserving the natural surroundings. 


In conclusion, environmental awareness is key in promoting a clean and a conducive natural surrounding that is suitable for both plants and animals. Such an initiative, however, calls for collective effort from the global demographics who in this case ought to be sensitized about the necessity of a clean environment. While this might seem as an easy task, it requires optimal attention not only from the distinct citizens but also from the authorities including the government and other non-governmental organizations. As such, mobilization of citizens is realized, which in this case promotes the environmental awareness campaigns and initiatives. Therefore, the global community is encouraged to put in more effort in conserving the environment to secure a better future for generations to come. 

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