Environmental Policy and Regulation

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The EPA requires effective regulations and policies that will improve the environmental conservation and effectiveness of the organization. The Kyoto Protocol was significant in the global environmental efforts because it motivated the management of corporations and the leadership of countries to adopt appropriate measures for managing the environment. For example, the climate change issue was illustrated in the Kyoto Protocol (Iwata & Okada, 2014). Currently, organizations and governments have developed policies that hinder or reverse the negative effects of climate change. One strategy of minimizing climate change is minimizing the level of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Many companies use renewable energy like solar or wind to stop the emission of greenhouse gases.

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The Kyoto Protocol is an important step in conserving the global environment. However, it should be reviewed and improved to address the present environmental protection challenges. New policies and regulations should be adopted to further enhance the effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol in addressing the issue of climate change. One policy that should be adopted is the active participation of the government in environmental conservation efforts. The legislature arm of the government should develop strict regulation that supports the environmental conservation campaigns. For example, the local or national governments can develop strict legislations that require all building developers to use solar panels to produce clean electric energy for industrial or domestic use. Installing solar panels is an affordable project that can be adopted by all building and plant developers. Solar energy does not emit harmful emissions and the panels are also simple and cheap to maintain. Another important policy entails the development of public utilizes that are energy efficient and good for the environment. For example, the heating system in the towns or cities should be powered using clean energy (Kolk & Mulder, 2011). Countries with nuclear energy like Japan and the United States can use the clean energy to power public utilities. Electricity generation infrastructures should be developed to ensure environmental sustainability. The point of focus should be in implementing clean energy projects like wind power turbines, solar panels, nuclear power, and geothermal power. An education policy should be adopted in schools. The environmental protection topic should be mandatory for all students in institutions of higher learning. Students are the future leaders; therefore, it is important to equip them with effective strategies for combating the climate change challenge. Students should be encouraged to support clean energy initiatives like the geothermal power generation project. They should also be advised to discourage the use of unclean energies in the home or work environment. The unclean energy sources include oil and coal. This is because they emit high concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere (Kolk & Mulder, 2011).

EPA can have sufficient business opportunities if it implements the new environmental conservation policies and regulations. The company can decide to invest in the rapidly expanding clean energy sector. There is sufficient global awareness in the area of clean energy. Many developers prefer to have clean energy sources in their buildings. Investing in the production of wind turbines and solar panels is a viable business venture because of the increasing global demand for the clean energy equipment. The organization can also benefit from the reduced cost of operations as a result of the adoption of clean energy programs. It is affordable to use clean energy than the harmful coal and oil energy sources. The only significant cost associated the green energy projects is the installation expenses. The associated maintenance costs associated with the equipment is negligible. Developing a training center for environmental conservation effort is also an important avenue for generating additional revenue. Very many companies require their employees to have expert knowledge in the conservation efforts. The management of these companies are willing to sponsor the training of their staff in an organization that has adopted best practices in reducing the harmful carbon emissions.

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The industry that will receive significant benefits from the adoption of the new environmental policies and regulations is manufacturing. The manufacturing sector requires sufficient energy supply. The adoption of clean energy projects is important for the manufacturers because of reliability. Solar is an abundant resource that is in high supply especially in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The supply of wind is also sufficient in all countries (Iwata & Okada, 2014). Having a reliable source of energy is an important factor in enhancing the manufacturing activities. The manufacturing industry also requires an affordable source of energy. Renewable energy sources are affordable because the maintained costs are negligible. Low energy costs improve the profit margins of the manufacturing companies.

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