Environmental Sustainability in Professional Stage

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Environmental sustainability within a Theatre

Environmental sustainability in theatres is the state in which the demands placed on the environment within theatres setting can be fulfilled without minimizing the capacity to support people to live well, then and in the coming days (Financial Times, 2017). Theatres in most cities is important as it nurtures artistic talent and reputation and make great economic contribution. Environmental sustainability within theatres involves going green by switching to greener lighting, and minimizing the consumption of energy  (Greater London Authority, 2008). Besides going green, environmentally sustainable theatres prevent indirect emissions by ensuring better waste disposal and recycling, while influencing the waste disposal behaviours of the audience. Other environmental sustainability measures within theatres include raising awareness investing in energy -saving equipment and using low-carbon production in theatres. The Arcola Theatre Production Company (2016) sets the pace by embracing the use of LED lights in the office, foyer, dressing rooms and bar. Theatres are also encouraging green travel to minimize theatres carbon footprint.

Ideas for sustainability in Theatres

Monitoring theatre environmental impacts is the major step towards green theatres and shows such as production, tours, offices, and venues (Julie’s Bicycle, 2017). Having data on how theatre is affecting the environment is power as it enables theatres management to monitor their energy use and carbon emissions (Johnson, 2014). The data can be used to identify priorities where savings should occur or how to test new ideas. Secondly, theatres can focus on being energy efficient by using renewable energy sources like solar and waste materials for indoor and outdoor shows. Other energy efficient practices include switching off lights and equipment when not in use.

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