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Subject: Psychology
Type: Expository Essay
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Word count: 569
Topics: Criminal Justice, Depression, Empathy, Stress

Question 1

Yes, psychopaths lack sympathy or empathy; hence, a high probability exists that they are likely to engage in a violent act that is above the norm for most individuals. It is because psychopaths lack capacity of feeling any emotion or remorse for their sufferers, which is likely to dehumanize the sufferer and enable them to get involved in violence in a more easy way (Regoli, Hewitt, & DeLisi, 2017).

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Question 2

Some factors such as stress, depression, relationships may be major contributing factors towards the likelihood that psychopaths are likely to engage in criminal activities. For instance, a stressed or depressed psychopath is likely to engage in an unruly behavior due to lack of self-control. Another instance of relationships may involve two psychopaths who may decide to do a violent act together just to satisfy one another (Glenn & Raine, 2014). Psychopaths are hardly affected by emotions. Hence, whenever they are undergoing hard times in life, which gives them n piece of mind, they may decide to do anything with an aim of their victims being part of the problems.

Question 3

Some scientists claim that a relation exists between psychiatric disorders and criminality. Concerning the Personality Disorder, a common feature exists among serious criminals creating a relationship between violent offenses and anti-social personality. Brain imaging could also contribute to criminality among Psychopaths. Violent offenders such as Psychopaths have functional and structural deficits in the anterior segments of their brains. The environment and the surrounding individuals also play part in determining criminality among Psychopaths. The society could be reluctant about crimes committed by these Psychopaths at an early stage and fail to take an action until it gets severe (Glenn & Raine, 2014). The society may also lack clear structure of dealing with Psychopaths, especially when they commit a crime, hence systems are supposed to be in place that is capable of handling crimes performed by Psychopaths. The surrounding individuals could also help Psychopaths by engaging them in activities that would see them engage in constructive activities.

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Question 4

According to a prevalent theory of psychopathy, “the integrated emotions systems model,” psychopathic people are impaired when it comes to processing of interpersonal cues linked to distress and fear. On the other hand, Psychopaths normally fail to regard clues that may lead them to inhibit aggressive characters. The theory points to an internal mechanism failure to perform natural functions that it was meant to achieve (Glenn & Raine, 2014). Hence, Psychopathy is a mental disorder falling under biological theory.

Question 5

Due to the theory and the finding, Psychopaths are supposed to be treated in a different way, especially when it comes to incarceration. When it comes to awarding justice, Psychopaths are supposed to be treated in a different way as compared to others. The jury should consider other options that are available in order to tame Psychopaths. The law should apply in a different way. Even though Psychopaths are known to pretend and appear as if they are reformed, several measures should be put in place to monitor such individuals. Strategies can also be placed to minimize crimes committed by Psychopaths (Helfgott, 2008).

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