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Subject: Personal Experience
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Topics: Dream Job, Medicine, Pharmacy, Self Reflection

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Part 1

My name is Ali and am an international student. I am an ambitious and hardworking person who is determined to succeed in life. Currently, I am just a student and have not succeeded in getting any employment. Although there are opportunities for me to work at the university, I have not yet been successful in getting any job. However, I will keep applying for any job positions that are available in the future. Based on how my life has been in campus so far, I believe I can manage to attend classes and still work. Regarding my studies here at the university, I am undertaking a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in medical laboratory science. The university is situated here in Philadelphia. Since I was born, I had the interest of working in the health or medical science. Although I did not qualify to do medicine and surgery or pharmacology, I opted to join this course because it will open up opportunities in the medical fields.

Part 2

Regarding the problems that I see where at my workplace, it is unfortunate that I am yet to be employed. However, I can share some of my experiences that I feel are indicative of problems in the health care system. The first experience is regard with the high bills and expensive drugs. I believe the prices for drugs are out of control and affording them is a burden to all Americans. Whenever physicians prescribe drugs, I am shocked by the prices that their prices. I am not alone in this because I have heard several of my friends complain that they are left with empty pockets once they are left with empty pockets. The expensive drugs are also posing challenges to physicians. I am aware of some physicians who have to make hard choices when prescribing drugs to patients. They too are considering the status of their clients and end up considering the most cost effective drugs in some situations. However, this raises doubts about the effectiveness of some of the drugs that the physicians this are cost effective.

Another experience is about the wastage of time that is caused by a shortage of physicians. It is not surprising for patients to spend about one hour in the queue waiting to be served by the doctor. Moreover, the situation is worry for patients that require emergency attention. It does not make sense for patients to stay in the emergency room for up to 30 minutes waiting for a doctor to come to their rescue. I believe the country has a significant problem of doctor shortage. Also, I am concerned by the aged doctors who are the majority in the hospitals.

These problems need to be fixed. One way they can fix the problems is to train more physicians and have a sufficient number that will serve the needs of the population. As suggested by Klasko and Shea, the government needs to facilitate the training of providers of the future (6). Besides considering the GPAs and knowledge in science subjects, there is need to consider the creativity and communication skills of the doctors. The congress should avail more funds to train thousands of doctors each year. Another solution would be to cap the prices of drugs and the general prices of seeking health care. That means providers should send understandable and fair bills for services rendered (Klasko and Shea 7). Such measures would prevent providers from sending exaggerated bills and setting high prices of drugs.

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